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Finally a winner in the age old Chevy vs Ford rivalry

To finally resolve the age old rivalry between Ford and Chevy, one maker enlists a neutral party to set up a test to determine who has better performance

Cheerleader in a Bathtub
It is the call that every plumber, and Chevrolet Express 4500 driver, dreams of. A local woman (who happens to be a New England Patriots Cheerleader) has her big toe stuck in the spout of her tub and needs help right away. What luck! However, there is a problem. She has also called her brother in law, the local septic system installer (Number One in the Number Two Business) sitting in the Ford truck to his left at the stop light. Whoever gets to the jobsite first will earn the business. As the light changes the Chevy Duramax Turbo Diesel pulls strongly from a stop using every one of its 525 foot pounds of torque. The 14,000 pounds of vehicle and equipment is on its way to 60 MPH. In just under 16 seconds, as the 6 speed heavy duty transmission with Tow/Haul mode shifts to 4rth, the vehicle passes the mark. The Ford with the brother in law inside is behind by a truck length.

Passing Power
Ahead is a hill with a broken yellow line. Luckily the view ahead is clear. There is just one vehicle to pass. It is the old delivery van from Ron’s Radiators (The Best Place In Town To Take a Leak) creeping along. The Chevy has to first slow down to about 50 mph and then the plumber floors it. As the Chevy climbs the steep, seven percent grade, the Chevy makes the pass in just over a half-mile with the speedo showing 65 mph. The Ford driver is still passing, with the speedo stuck at 59 mph. The lead lengthens. As the house comes into view and a workday starts, the Chevy has delivered its driver to the jobsite “Ahead of schedule and under budget” due to its performance and fuel economy (8.1mpg city).

Real World Numbers
Sure the scenario is imaginary, but the numbers are not. Chevrolet enlisted third-party testing company AMCI, to test the Chevy Express 4500 head to head with the Ford E-450, its direct competitor. The Chevy outpaced the Ford in every category. GM’s Fleet and Commercial Vehicle Operations general manager, Ed Peper, sums the test up this way ““Commercial fleets know our vehicles meet their trade-specific needs, and help them to efficiently run their businesses.”

Sometimes choosing the right truck can mean better performance, better fuel economy, or a better Monday morning.


Anonymous (not verified)    April 20, 2012 - 11:04PM

i have to say those v10's are no match for those turbo oil burners. but when i worked for both those companies more than 50% of the time those chevys 525ft lbs wound up in the shop instead of on the job site , the company i work for now uses f450's with 735ft lbs of torque thats enough to tear a new stronger chevy frame in half while hauling the new england football team and the cheerleaders.