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Facts vs. fiction on the all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

The new Miata looks great to my eye, but we really don’t know much about the new car. Here is what Mazda has told us, and what we only know through speculation.


The all-new 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata has caused quite a stir among the Miata faithful, a group in which I consider myself a member. The reveal was very well publicized, and Torque News did its part. In fact, my preview story about the reveal, and Duran Duran’s role is the most-shared story I have ever written! The reveal went off without a hitch, and the car looks absolutely fantastic. However, some are complaining that we don’t know much after the reveal.

We know you are dying for more photos, so click here and let's move on!

2016 Mazda MX-15 Miata, What We Know
The New Miata is Shorter In Length
Mazda mentioned that the car is now about four inches shorter in length. However, the presenter did not tell where those four inches came from. The engine area is the answer hopefully. That was implied, but not stated as fact. As a former owner of a 2007 Miata, I can say that there are not four inches to lose in the cabin. The trunk could lose 4 inches, but I loved the big trunk in mine, and I am sure future owners might find a four inch smaller one a challenge. We also know the car is wider and lower than the prior car, but that could simply be fractional inches.

The New Miata is Lighter Than the Gen 3 (2006.5 through 2015)
We also know that the car will be “100kg lighter.” That rounds to about 221 pounds. Wow! Where did Mazda add in this new lightness? All the shiny parts that faced up on the Gen 3 were already aluminum. As were the engine, wheels, the center support structure, the roof (hardtop), and some of the suspension. Perhaps the fenders are now aluminum? Even so, they don’t weight 220 pounds in total. The car must simply be shorter, and that weight must have come out there.

The New Miata Uses a Four-cylinder, Non-turbo Engine
This I derived from looking at the schematic that was posted by Mazda on its website. The engine is shown, and I see no signs of any turbo, turbo-plumbing, or intercooler. So I assume that the engine is normally aspirated (non-turbo). Thank goodness! The character of the Miata is completely opposite of a car that has any sign of turbo-lag. I come up with four cylinders by counting the pipes in the manifold. We know that it is a SkyActiv engine because it says so on the rear of the car.

New Miata Has Navigation
The Gen 3 Miata was not missing much, but lack of navigation was a frustrating fact. The new Miata photos show an information screen, so it safe to say that Nav is finally here.

I have spoken directly with Mazda, and they are pretty sure that have not released the dimensions, displacement, price, or any other details not listed here. If you are seeing that information anyplace it may be correct, or it may not be. Once we know more for sure we will bring it to you.

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