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Dodge Brand & Ram, Jeep, and Dodge Vehicles Earn Top Spots For Quality In Respected Report

The Dodge brand and three FCA US vehicles have earned the top spot in Strategic Vision’s 24th annual Total Quality Impact (TQI) report.

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Strategic Vision’s 24th annual Total Quality Impact (TQI) report has been released and FCA US is on top in key areas. Dodge was named the highest brand for quality among all mass-market brands, beating Toyota, Honda, and every "domestic" brand.


In the individual vehicle categories, the Dodge Durango topped the Mid-size SUV segment. This is the Durango's fifth time at the top of its segment in six years. The Jeep Renegade was the top vehicle in the Entry SUV segment. Finally, the Ram 2500/3500 is the top-ranked truck in the Heavy-Duty Pickups segments.

“TQI shows how people feel about their vehicles in their own words, which reveal valuable recommendations for future products,” says Chris Chaney, Senior Vice President at Strategic Vision. “From how customers are advocating about their products, automotive manufacturers can know where the future of the U.S. market is going.”


Strategic Vision’s 24th annual Total Quality Impact (TQI) report is compiled from the results of the New Vehicle Experience Study (NVES) which surveys over 44,000 July – December new vehicle owners following their first 90 days of vehicle ownership. Unlike some surveys, this one captures not just the impact of problems with the vehicle, but also the owners’ analytical and emotional evaluations of quality. These aspects are inseparable and the combination of objective facts and subjective owners' opinions are crucial to measuring the true quality of the vehicle.

Strategic Vision is an automotive-focused research consultancy with thirty-five years of experience in understanding the consumers’ and constituents’ decision-making systems. The company credits its unique expertise to "Using ValueCentered Psychology to identify consumers’ comprehensive, motivational hierarchies, which include the product attributes, personal benefits, value/emotions, and images that drive perceptions and behaviors."

You can view the Strategic Vision’s 24th annual Total Quality Impact (TQI) report in its entirety here.

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Beno (not verified)    October 19, 2018 - 9:37AM

For now...90 days isn't much to truly evaluate quality...Chrysler (Mopar) do build appealing products but they never last in the long run.