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Confirmed: Toyota RAV4 Prime Launch On Schedule

Toyota has confirmed that, against all odds, the launch of the RAV4 Prime is still on schedule. We also discovered that even more states are now being allocated inventory of the plug-in RAV4.


Torque News reached out to Toyota this week and a spokesperson for the company confirmed that Toyota’s plan to produce, sell, and deliver the RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) in America remains on track. Considering how reluctant automakers are to disclose production and sales results mid-month and mid-quarter, we were pleased to learn this news.

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RAV4 Prime Launch Challenges
Despite launching during the worst year for vehicle sales in the modern era, amid a global shortage of critical components such as microprocessor chips and batteries, and while the shipping and transportation industry struggles with peaks and valleys in demand, the Toyota RAV4 Prime launch remains on schedule.

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RAV4 Prime Launch Results To Date
The RAV4 Prime launched last year at the very end of July. Now in its tenth month of sales and approaching a new model year, 2022, fans and shoppers of the RAV4 Prime are hoping the vehicle will be produced in greater numbers for two reasons. First, so that they can be found for purchase, and Second, so that the higher than MSRP price levels may settle back to a more reasonable level.

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Flexible Energy Options Offered By PHEVs
With the (over-hyped) gas shortage caused by a successful ransomware attack on a US pipeline, even those who didn’t suffer any fuel delays or inconveniences became aware that plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles like the RAV4 Prime, which can operate for as many as 42 miles without using any gasoline and has a 94 MPGe rating, are a sensible way to manage either electricity demand peaks or short-term interruptions in gasoline availability.

The initial launch of the RAV4 Prime was one of the most robust of any electrified vehicle model in EV history. Toyota has met or exceeded any of its production promises for the model thus far. Looking ahead to the one-year anniversary, we were pleased to hear from Toyota that despite all of the headwinds, the RAV4 Prime launch continues to move forward unabated.

The next formal report of deliveries by Toyota will be the first week of July following the end of Q2. Check back at that time to see how Toyota has done following the RAV4 Prime's eleventh month of deliveries.

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