How Long Do Toyota Prius Batteries Last?
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Can A Toyota Prius Battery Last 250,000 miles?

Have you ever wondered how long a Toyota Prius battery will last? We can help.

Jesse Rudavsky purchased his 2010 Toyota Prius used with about 42K miles on it. That was back in 2013. Jesse, like many Prius fans, knew that the Prius was one of the most reliable cars built. Still, how long would that original battery last? In Jesse's case, the answer is at least a quarter of a million miles.

That's Jesse's odometer reading in the image above. He told the Facebook Toyota Prius Owners Club that he has driven the car coast to coast (East to West and back) as well as from New England to Florida and back and "many places in between."

The truth is, Jesse knew that his battery pack could last that long. His 2002 Prius logged 349,531 miles before being totaled in an accident.

Torque News reached out to our local used Prius Expert, Chris Eldoueihi of 1A Auto Sales in Walpole, MA to ask if this was normal. 1A Auto sales focuses on the Prius, and has for a decade. Chris was not at all surprised that Jesse's Prius cars had seen such long battery life. He pointed out to Torque News that Prius batteries are warranted for 10 years or 150,000 miles in California-compliance states and eight years or 100,000 miles in non-California compliant state. In his experience, the batteries last about 12 to 15 years (the oldest Prius cars on the road are now 20 years old).

This good news for used Prius buyers since the Prius has one of the highest percentages of owners that keep the car longer than ten years.

Although Chris said that it is rarely necessary we asked him how much it costs to replace a Prius battery and he said the typical budget is about $800 and that his dealership has a network of battery suppliers. It isn't necessary to even go to a Toyota dealer, who can charge roughly triple that for a new replacement.

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How long does Prius battery last
I need information on battery cell and price of each cell.
This may help: Also try the Prius Owners Club on Facebook. Good luck.
I have a 2005 prius and it is still running like new. I have 227000 miles on it. I came back from a long trip and I made 477 miles per tank, No bad!
Our 2004 Prius has 253,000 miles on original hybrid battery. We have changed the accessory battery twice. Never have had an engine problem. Brakes were recently changed.
Wow, now I don't feel bad! Mine, 2006, 152,000 miles, not much needed to change except the sensor for tire is off, and now I am dealing with "touch-screen" replacement. Toyota wants lots of money just to take a look at the model and order new for me. I watched YouTube video online, a lady changed it within 15mins, how impressive! though I am not doing it myself, it's clearly not hard, when Toyota wanted $1000 up. But to order the exact model on eBay, I was told to have it opened and checked the back first, which means, 2 times work, that's the pain. Anyone have experience going through this?
I have a sweet little classic 2001 Prius that I love with 140,000 miles. However, the engine light went on, and then some miles later the battery light and several others. My Toyota dealer has said the code is 3009, which they claim has something to do with leaking, and means I have to replace the whole hybrid battery, not cells within it, to the tune of about $3000. So what else is likely to go on an old Prius and how many miles has anyone gone without battery replacement? Any other advice? Should I buy a newer Prius or replace and stick with mine?