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BMW to introduce 2013 B7 ALPINA at Pebble Beach

BMW will introduce the new 2013 B7 ALPINA super-high performance flagship designed for discerning customers looking for ultra-exclusivity at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August.

Buyers of the 2013 BMW 7-series are in search of BMW’s largest ultimate driving machine. Some want more. What they are looking for is a measure of performance above and beyond the standard sedan. They also want exclusivity. For those customers the 2013 BMW B7 ALPINA may be the answer.

Super-High Performance
There are those that want a sedan that can go more than 175 mph. BMW claims in its press launch materials that the 2013 BMW B7 ALPINA can travel at up to 194 mph. For some the acceleration that 510 horsepower can provide is simply a bit wanting. The B7 ALPINA can produce up to 540 horsepower and has additional torque as well. This kind of power can propel the B7 to 60 mph in under four and a half seconds. That puts this large executive sedan in league with most super cars when pointed straight ahead. The 7-Series is already no slouch in the corners or with regards to braking.

Custom Design In All Configurations
The B7 will be available in all of the configurations that the standard 2013 BMW 7-Series is. That includes the long-wheelbase version, X-drive, and S-drive and with El-Camino style pickup bed (kidding). Setting the B7 ALPINA apart from its more common 7-Series counterpart are over 30 modifications. Most notably are the 21 inch multi-spoke wheels that the ALPINA brand has come to be associated with. Up front the kidney shaped grill is slightly different and the fairings are custom to channel as much air as possible to the engine for cooling the engine. ALPINA Blue paint completes the look.

ALPINA Exclusivity
Although the 2013 BMW B7 ALPINA starts life in BMW’s Plant-Dingolfing along with all 7-Series vehicles, it is then whisked away to the AAPLINA plant in Buchloe, Germany to undergo hand-finishing and to receive all of its ALPINA components and magic. For those that want to enjoy the most complete BMW custom experience possible, European delivery of their custom 2013 B7 at the Welt delivery center is of course available.

BMW continues the tradition of offering ultra-exclusive high performance sedans for those with discriminating taste with the new 2013 B7 ALPINA.

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