Who buys the 2017 Toyota Tacoma
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2017 Toyota Tacoma Fun Ownership Facts

Have you ever wondered who buys the Tacoma? Here’s your answer.

At product launch events automakers profile the target audience for their vehicles. While the information is often no surprise, sometimes it is interesting to look at the facts about who buys a certain vehicle, and in what trim or configuration. Here are some fun facts about the Toyota Tacoma courtesy of one of its peers in the segment.

Who Buys The Toyota Tacoma?
The Toyota Tacoma buyer is much more likely to be male than female. Estimates from surveys indicate that 82% of buyers are male. This is in line with the segment. The Nissan Frontier has the most female buyers and the GMC Canyon the most male by comparison, but the total spread is only about 6%.

57% of Toyota Tacoma owners are married. This is a very consistent statistic in the segment where the Tacoma has the lowest percentage of married owners, but the highest is just 59% among Honda Ridgeline and Canyon owners.

27% of Tacoma owners have a college degree. Here the Tacoma is average with Ridgeline owners being most likely to have a degree at 32% and Frontier and Chevy Colorado owners coming in at 26% college educated.

The Tacoma owner earns about $70K on average. The Frontier owners report income of about $67K and Ridgeline owners about $77K. However, the Tacoma owners have more time to earn, since the Tacoma owner is the youngest among all midsize pickup truck owners with an average age of 49 years old. GMC Canyon owners, by comparison, average 55 years of age.

California is the country’s largest automotive market, and home to both GM’s and Honda’s largest concentration of midsize truck buyers. We found it interesting that 66% of Tacomas sold in the state are rear-wheel drive. The perception that pickups are all 4x4s may be just an assumption.

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