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2016 Toyota Highlander and Sienna named to CarGurus' Top Ten Family-Friendly Kid-Haulers list

CarGurus recognized two Toyota vehicles for their family-friendly attributes.


More than one in three families polled by CarGurus say they spend more than 30 minutes each workday shuttling kids to and from activities. Another third say they spend more than an hour doing so. It is no surprise then that when it selected its Top Ten Family-Friendly Kid-Haulers CarGurus singled out vehicles that are spacious, comfortable, and above all else, as safe as possible. Steve Halloran, Chief Editor at CarGurus, commented on the new ranking, saying "To eliminate guesswork for shoppers, we've identified the vehicles that best meet these specific criteria and also offer bonus features that will make time spent shuttling the kids a little more pleasant."

The 2016 Toyota Highlander was one of the vehicles in the SUV/Crossover class that CarGurus selected. The Highlander can come in either front or all-wheel drive and can carry either seven or eight passengers depending upon the trim level selected. The Highlander has also earned the IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus designation, the highest possible safety rating in the U.S. Mileage is good for the class and the Highlander, like all Toyotas, has a better than average resale value. CarGurus says that older Highlanders are also worth looking at. In a comprehensive study done by IIHS, the Highlander was one of only nine U.S. models (out of hundreds) that had zero driver deaths over a three-year span.

For those that need even more space and people-moving practicality, the 2016 Toyota Sienna also makes the CarGurus Top Ten list. The Sienna too is an IIHS Top Safety Pick Plus rated vehicle. CarGurus points out that “The Sienna underwent a mild update for 2015, which includes a redesigned dash, but anything from 2011 forward (the third generation) will offer most of the Sienna’s best features.” The 2016 Sienna is also the only minivan with available all-wheel drive.