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2016 Lexus LC 500 Video Says No To What?

Lexus built the LC 500 to say no.

No to boring is the message from Akio Toyoda. The 2017 LC 500 is derived from the LF-LC concept car. Lexus points out in its video that when people (figuratively) asked if it would be built, most would have answered “no.” This statement of sorts by Lexus is not far from the mark. It was not long ago that Lexus was phasing out its IS F and the future looked bleak for Lexus performance. Then we got the RC F. Then the GS F. Now the LC 500, which may well be just the first in the LC family.

The New 2017 Lexus LC 500 looks fantastic in red, but hopefully, Lexus will tease out some images of the car in Black, White, and Frost Blue soon. The video does provide audible inspiration. The 5.0-liter V8 engine and its 470ish horsepower benefit from a dual inlet intake manifold on the LC 500. Some RC F fans and owners have commented that the sound of the RC F is not mean enough.

The 2017 LC 500 is still in pre-production, but we expect that lexus will have some on-hand this summer or fall for journalists. We’ve already raised our hand and offered our test and preview services.

Main image courtesy of Patrick Rall