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2016 Camry 2.0 Turbo engine evidence mounts

Our earlier prediction seems to be coming true. The Camry will get a turbocharged engine.


Way back in 2013 Torque News reported that we could read the in tea leaves that the Camry would be getting a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder turbocharged engine. Our first hint was the announcement that Lexus would introduce a new compact crossover powered by a turbocharged engine. We put two and two together and came up with a future product line in which the new 2.0T would spread across many models for both brands. This past week we learned that indeed the Lexus IS 200t would be a 2016 model using the engine. That was significant for two reasons.

First, it was evidence that Lexus and Toyota would supplant a V6 with a turbo four. Second, the engine is mounted in the opposite way in the IS 200t. So Toyota/Lexus has gone to the trouble of configuring the new engine both ways, transversely in the NX 200t and longitudinally in the IS 200t. Having done that hard work already, Toyota/Lexus can very easily put the 2.0T into any rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, or AWD vehicle it has in its portfolio. According to Automotive News, the Camry is next.

While most love the Camry’s smooth and powerful V6, most also skip it when they shop and take home the four-cylinder engine. As much as I personally love the V6 Camry, I have driven the NX 200t, and I also loved that engine in that vehicle. Furthermore, the Hyundai Sonata 2.0T has none of the negatives that most turbos are known for, such as lag and requiring premium fuel.

So, here’s hoping that when the Camry 2.0T arrives in the coming year Toyota is wise enough to tune it for regular unleaded fuel like both Hyundai and Ford do with their mainstream turbocharged cars. And finally, please Toyota, hide the turbo-lag as best you can.

Note: Main story image of NX 2.0T Engine by John Goreham