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2014 Toyota Corolla scores marginal in small frontal overlap test

Although it is still a Top Safety Pick, the 2014 Toyota Corolla could have done better on this stringent test.


The 2014 Toyota Corolla was tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in the new small frontal overlap test this month. Although its score was rated marginal, the Corolla did better than many vehicles have of late in this difficult test. The Toyota Corolla will remain a Top Safety Pick.

The results of the 2014 Toyota Corolla test put it in the bottom half of 12 small cars recently tested. IIHS reports that half of the cars it tested scored good or fair, and half scored marginal or poor. In the IIHS test of the Corolla the injuries recorded by the test apparatus indicate possible injuries to the lower left leg of the driver. In its report the IIHS notes that the Corolla’s structure rated poorly and allowed the driver’s area to be intruded upon by collapsing structure. However, the report also noted “The side curtain airbag deployed and had sufficient forward coverage to protect the head from contact with forward side structure, such as the roof rail and interior door panel, and outside objects.”

The new small frontal overlap test was added last year. At the time of the test’s introduction many people were surprised that luxury cars and larger vehicles were being rated “poor.” Since then, only a small percentage of automakers have had multiple models with good ratings. The test is difficult for many automakers because their designs were too far along in the cycle to accommodate changes that would allow for a good result on the test.

One notable small car that did rate “good” on the small frontal overlap test, and thus was awarded a Top Safety Pick + rating, was the Corolla’s arch nemesis the Honda Civic.

Video and still image courtesy of and IIHS