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2014 Lexus RC 350 stuns in red hot metallic

The new Lexus RC sports coupe will launch with an entirely new paint type. In keeping with its mission, metallic red will be the featured color.

Lexus is preparing the new RC 350 sport coupe to take on BMW’s 4 Series. Having already bested the BMW 3 series with its new IS 350 in multiple matchups, Lexus is now turning its attention to the coupe that BMW is most proud of. The new RC 350 will not only fell good to the driver, it will also be one of Lexus best looking new vehicles.

Customers have been voting with their wallets and the new 2014 IS 350 is a runaway sales success. The new RC 350 coupe will tasked with taking on some of the finest automobiles in the world at any price point. That means fit and finish will need to be outstanding. In order to provide some visual pop, Lexus has developed a new paint process for the RC 350. Starting with a coating of silver and then a clear coat the paint is completely different in that it then adds the color. Over the first clear coating is the translucent red. That is covered by a protective coat of clear. The new four-step paint is then baked twice to allow for proper hardening. The idea is that light hitting the car reflects off both the red and also silver. This adds a depth and metallic highlight to the paint.

Having already been shown in Tokyo, the new Lexus RC 350 will soon be shown at the Detroit auto show. It and the new Lexus “F” will not receive much notice there since the winners of the show were already announced. Most likely the new IS 350, RC 350, Lexus LF-NX turbo sports crossover won’t be given much notice until the final sales tally in 2014 is made. At that point we will know their true impact on the US premium sports car marketplace.