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2012 Ford Focus Electric stars in on-line celebrity game starting May 28th

The 2012 Ford Focus Electric joins a celebrity cast star in a web program called Pluggedin hosted by Yahoo.

Ford is moving faster than an electric car off the line in on-line programming, and has now introduced the 2012 Ford Focus Electric as the star of Pluggedin. Hosted by Yahoo, the show will have a similar format to the previously produced show called Escape Routes. That program featuring the 2012 Ford Escape was such a hit it actually found itself moving to television. Created as a weekly program running on Yahoo, the show will feature the Focus Electric being driven by celebrities who will highlight its features during the completion of adventures and challenges.

2012 Ford Focus Overview
The 2012 Ford Focus Electric is an all-electric vehicle that has been rated by the EPA as having a 105 MPGe, meaning it has the equivalent efficiency of a car that is powered by gas that can cover 105 miles per gallon of gasoline. The Ford Focus Electric uses a 6.6 kilowatt charger. This is the larger of the two available options in the market. It has the advantage of offering quicker charging and a bit more range, but it means that the required electrical service is more than a typical home outlet would have. Marketing the Focus via a show with celebrities seems appropriate for the Focus Electric. The cost of this small compact car is about equal to the cost of a base 2012 Ford Focus powered by gasoline, plus the cost of a 2013 Toyota Prius C, plus the cost of a high end bicycle and stylish helmet. Unlike the Ford Escape, this car cannot be sold to 20-somethings working as baristas or living in their parents basements and saving for first, last, and security.

Pluggedin Format
Like Escape Routes, the show will consist of the celebrities taking part in a game of sorts. The clues to the game will come to them via the SYNC with MyFord Touch system. Audio, video and text clues will be used and the show will certainly highlight the car’s ability to do many infotainment tricks. The navigation system will of course be shown guiding the players to the location of the clues. For this to be successful the players are going to have to be coached on the operation of the system or editing will be required. Erin McPherson, vice president and head of video at Yahoo says in a Ford press release “With at least eight out of 10 Internet users now watching online video, this is the perfect time for Yahoo! and Ford to launch Plugged In. We know from our insights and data that our audience is passionate about celebrity-related content and travel content, and we combined those insights with Ford’s brand goals for a truly
engaging program.”

Celebrity Hosts and Locations
The celebrities announced include David Arquette, Alicia Silverstone, and Michael Yo handling the left coast, and Emily Procter, Rocco DiSpirito and others handling the right coast. Jenna Bush will take the Austin shift and there is also a stop in Chicago handled by Bill Rancic. Otherwise the whole rest of the middle of the country is bypassed.

The program can be found at and it starts exactly one week from today on May 28th.