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2012 Cadillac SRX will delight drivers headed on a road trip

GM has created some innovative features for the 2012 Cadillac SRX that will make summer road trips a blast.

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Let’s face facts. In the mid-size luxury SUV category there really is no bad choice. The Lexus RX350 has a great new look and is available in a new sport version. The 2013 Audi Q5 will bring new levels of refinement to the segment. Volvo’s 2013 XC60 Inscription will have Scandinavian style in spades. So what can the 2012 Cadillac SRX offer that these excellent offerings don’t already provide a buyer? Cup holders. Really, really kick-butt double-level cup holders that can perfectly hug a 12 oz can, or can expand downward to give your venti, half-caf, non-fat latte the support deserving of a $4.20 libation. That is just the start of the cool storage features that make the SRX the ultimate summer road trip machine.

Cadillac SRX Secret Storage
Let’s finish off the cabin before we move to the rear of this beaut-‘ute. In addition to being able to hold big-gulps in the console, the false bottom of the cup holder can act as a secret compartment for a wallet or other items Just ahead of the cup holders there is a thoughtful “phone throne” for life’s most important possession. Inside the center console is another phone area for your passenger and a lower level that can store larger items. Elizabeth Pilibosian, Cadillac’s SRX chief engineer said in a press statement “The philosophy was not just to maximize total space but to have a place for everything and everything in its place. That makes a huge difference on longer trips.” If you need a cold place for a few road sodas, the glove box can cool drinks using the air conditioner.

Cadillac SRX Unique Cargo System
In the rear cargo area Cadillac has gone further than the typical retractable shade. The cargo cover has two positions which makes it easier to cover items from view. On the floor of the rear compartment is an innovative “u-track” system (see video) which can allow the driver to position adjustable rails to hold items in place. This is to replace those cargo tie down loops nobody uses, although this car has those as well. The rail and track system sounds complicated, but in practice it is simple to use.

SRX Makes The Most of No Spare Tire

Underneath the cargo area floor there some surprises. First the bad news. In a car of this type there should be a spare tire. Ideally, a matching tire on a matching alloy rim, like you would find in a Toyota Highlander. Such a set-up allows for the vacation to continue with a minor interruption if a tire is damaged. Or perhaps a compact spare, like one would find in a Lexus RX350. At least you could drive to the tire store if you damaged a sidewall. Sadly, the SRX is following the trend toward the imaginary solution of a tire repair kit and small pump. So let us move on and look at the bright side. That little pump can blow up pool floaties or bicycle tires which is a definite plus for a summer road trip. Also, in the place where the spare would be in a perfect world, there resides a waterproof tub that can be removed. Picture a tailgate party at an endless summer baseball game with a few bags of ice cooling your favorite drinks. That storage area would also be an ideal spot to dump wet towels, wet bathing suits, and such after a great day at the beach. GM is moving in the right direction here. If we are loosing the spare, at least we are also gaining something.

GM has put a lot of thought into the Cadillac SRX to make it the most it can be as the summer road trip season beckons.

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