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Nissan road trip to NISMO Fiesta a success (video)

Nissan friends, employees, and fans all came together for a classic road trip of 920 miles from Nissan headquarters in Tennessee to the NISMO Fiesta in San Marcos, Texas. Here is video.

Eight NIssan gearheads jumped into six vehicles in Tennessee and headed towards San Marcos, Texas for the NISMO Fiesta happening this past weekend. They were joined by friends and fans along the way, who brought their own cars to add to the convoy as they progressed along the 920-mile route.

The journey was chronicled by Max Moosman, of Nissan Social Media, who said "We are car enthusiasts ourselves – so much so that we wanted to drive 1,000 miles in the cars that we promote."

The festival involves a track day, where Nissan owners can buy tickets to make laps in their cars and learn from experts how to improve performance and skills. Sunday was a car show, one of the largest in the area and the largest Nissan-specific car show in the country. There, fans got to look at the new 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO.

"The event has grown tremendously year after year. We have actually doubled attendance, consistently, since the event's inception," said Miles Hall, event organizer, NISMO Fiesta.

Here is video of the Nissan group's journey to the NISMO Fiesta and of the weekend itself.