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Nissan recalls 104,000 Jukes for timing belts

The 2011-2013 Nissan Juke is being recalled for a timing belt issue as part of a voluntary service campaign in the U.S. and Canada. Find out more here.

Nissan is replacing the timing chains on more than 104,000 Juke compact crossovers in the United States and Canada from the 2011 to 2013 model years. The voluntary service campaign comes as Nissan engineers have found that the chains wear too early and will become a service issue for the company and Juke owners if not replaced with better chains.

The recall affects Juke vehicles in the 2011-2013 model years that were built in Nissan's Oppama, Japan plant. The timing chain links from a specific build were found to be wearing prematurely.

The timing chain on a vehicle connects the crankshaft - a central shaft in the engine which is turned by the push of pistons as the combustion chambers fire in the engine - and the camshaft(s) in the engine's head (top). It's called a "timing" chain because it turns the camshaft in a specific direction and at a specific interval or speed compared to the crankshaft below. The camshaft controls fuel and air injection into the combustion chambers. If the timing chain becomes loose or "off time," it can result in bad performance or total engine failure. Sometimes worse.

Nissan is issuing letters to affected owners, who will be invited to come to a dealership at their earliest convenience for an appointment to have the work done. This is a major repair requiring several hours to complete, but will remedy a core problem before it becomes a serious issue for many Juke owners.

A voluntary campaign like this is not mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and is not considered a safety risk. It is, however, an issue that could negatively affect Nissan owners and thus Nissan says they're taking it seriously and addressing it promptly. No accidents or injuries have been associated with this defect.

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I just purchased my car in April 4th 2014 had no idea about the recall but was experiencing other problems with the car, would not start had to call for tow truck service very displeased with the car and performance
Our Nissan Juke bought new in late 2013 has been towed into the dealership "Three" times for a dead battery. It was replaced the first two times and is at the moment in the Sherwood Park Nissan shop for the same problem ( 3rd Time ) My wife is reluctant to drive anywhere in case this happens while she is away from home. "Very Frustrated in Alberta"
april 22,2015 received a recall about timing belt for my 2014 juke. Next day call my local Nissan dealership, hudiburg nissan OKC, and they had my car for a day. Repaired that and look at another recall issue with inspection included plus gave me a courtesy juke. Picked it up next day and at no charge to me. Great experience. I know many are not happy with this issue but maybe my story is hope for some.
Our 2014 Juke, assembled by Nissan on November 29,2013, was diagnosed by Nissan dealer on January 13, 2020, with a stretched timing chain that had to be replaced at a cost of $2,440. for labor and parts. There was a rattling sound coming from the engine. It only had 106,824 kms. past the 100K KMS and 5-year warranty period. Nissan Canada head office and Nissan Dealer would not pick up the expense because there was no recall posted in Canada. I wonder how many other repairs have been made for other 2014 Jukes, manufactured in 2013, when it wasn't discovered to be a problem until May 5, 2014, in the USA that started the entire recall there??.
I have a same issue. They asked for 2700 to fix.
What was the year of your Juke and how many kms was it driven.