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Nissan Black Friday 360 with the Hoonigan Team

Now that Black Friday, the nation's worst shopping day, is over with, it's time to relax with some of the Hoonigan Team as they blast their Z-cars through a dust-covered, abandoned shopping mall.

The abandoned Hawthorne Mall near Los Angeles is the stage upon which these two 370Zs and their Hoonigan drivers begin to dance.

Celebrating Black Friday in their own way, the Gymkhana and Recoil video production has two-time Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg and Ryan Tuerck pushing these 1,000 horsepower Z-cars into a 360-degree viewing experience.

In one scene, driver Chris Forsberg swerves the back of his car on the ledge of a 30-foot drop. "I knew I could mentally block out the drop, however my biggest concern was the surface," admitted Forsberg. "The conditions were dusty and underneath all of that was polished concrete. We had one chance to get the shot before the rubber built up." A rubber buildup actually adds traction that would compromise the control of the car when drifting.

The shoot was not without its challenges. Years of dust at the site required the crew to use respirators to breathe as the roar of Nissan power echoed in the ghostly halls of a once bustling mall. But cameras captured everything and the results are awesome. Don't you agree?