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Infiniti Q30 Will Debut at Frankfurt As First-ever Infiniti Compact

Infiniti, Nissan's premium brand, will unveil its new compact car, the Q30, at the Frankfurt International Auto Show later this year. Will it eventually come to the U.S.?


Infiniti has announced that the new production Q30 compact will debut in Frankfurt at the International Motor Show there in September. This will also mark two years since the Infiniti Q30 concept first debuted there. The premium carmaker is currently putting the Q30 through dynamic and real-world testing in Europe before the unveil.

Designed and developed in Europe, primarily in the United Kingdom, the Q30 is planned as a global vehicle and will be produced at several locations worldwide. Infiniti has not said where those locations may be, but North America is likely to be one of them as sales in much of the Americas are planned, including the United States.

Dates for launch in markets outside of Europe have not yet been released, but European showrooms will begin seeing the Q30 late this year as 2016 models. We can expect the unveiling in the U.S. could take place in Los Angeles this November with U.S. sales following, perhaps as early as the first quarter of 2016.

To tease the Infiniti Q30's upcoming release, the company produced this video featuring Executive Design Director Alfonso Albaisa talking about the Q30.