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Hyundai has Flaming Lips for Super Bowl Ad

Hyundai is pushing the new Santa Fe hard this weekend, with three new ads to air during the big game and an exclusive Flaming Lips song you can download if you're one of the first to access the site.

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Hyundai is going all out for Super Bowl XLVII this weekend, with five new commercials to air during game time - three of which are for the Santa Fe. One includes legendary rock band The Flaming Lips and a song they've produced for Hyundai titled Sun Blows Up Today.

The band is featured in one of the five commercials, called Epic Playdate (see below), which features a family engaged in a day of hilariously fun activities - all based on Flaming Lips songs - while the Lips play in the background and make cameos throughout. Best of all, the exclusive song is available for free download to the first 100,000 Hyundai fans who log into, starting today. As of this writing, the song was still available as a graphic link on the front page. If you don't get it there, it is also on iTunes and will be a bonus track on the band's upcoming album.

“From the beginning concepting stages of ‘Epic PlayDate,’ we knew we wanted to partner with a band that was truly iconic and culturally relevant for the Hyundai consumer,” said Greg Braun, executive creative director at INNOCEAN USA, Hyundai's ad agency of record. “The Flaming Lips are revered by fans for their originality, authenticity, and sheer artistic innovation. These qualities are true to Hyundai’s brand and the reason why this collaboration made so much sense.”

Epic Play Date will air during the pre-kick time slot and, like two of Hyundai's four other commercials for the big game, features the all-new, 7-passenger Santa Fe. Other Santa Fe commercials include Team, and Don't Tell (below). Two other ads are for the Genesis and Sonata.

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