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From the "HUH?" Dept: Nissan Creates World's Biggest Zorb and Puts a Car In It

What can you do with your off-time this fall? Rake leaves? Start Christmas shopping? Why not create the world's biggest Zorb? Then put a car in it? To heck with normal stuff, let's do the Zorb.

A zorb is a giant inflatable two-chamber ball. The inner chamber is hollow and the second chamber between that and the outside world is filled with air. If you're a fan of Jackie Chan or European field sports, you've probably seen a zorb in action. Now imagine the world's largest zorb and that it's big enough that a Nissan Versa Note will fit inside of it.

There you have the CarZorb from Nissan, which rolled down a set of steep hills in about two minutes, according to the short film below, courtesy of Nissan.

The CarZorb was conceptualized in New Zealand, where Zorb Riding is popular. Nissan wanted to demonstrate, visually, the new Safety Shield technology in the Note and other vehicles and the idea of the CarZorb seemed obvious. A custom-made zorb was built and tested in a military training facility in the United Kingdom. It took over two months to construct, test, and perfect the CarZorb before it was shown for its two minutes of glory, housing the new Note.

Bastien Schupp, Vice President Strategy & Marketing, comments, “The Nissan Note has been carefully engineered to provide motorists with a whole range of technology that creates a protective bubble around you and your car. Our Safety Shield technology in particular is unrivalled amongst other small family cars. Creating a life size CarZorb to highlight the technology is an exciting and memorable way of reminding people about the benefits of Nissan’s Safety Shield.”