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Buying a 2014 Nissan Versa Note on makes for an interesting delivery [video]

Nissan has released a new, fun promotional video showcasing the Versa Note, which can now be purchased on Here's the amazing story behind the minute, thirty seconds promo.

Let's imagine a scenario in the not-too-distant future. Actually, it's now. Put 'em together, you know the phrase.

So.. You're shopping on, as you sometimes do, maybe spending some of those gift cards you got over the holidays, when you see something intriguing for an MSRP of under $14,000. You click. You're amazed.

It's a brand new 2014 Nissan Versa Note. The whole car. Not a model, not a toy, not a picture.. the actual car. With choice of colors, options, and more. All right there on Amazon. Wow. Things have changed. You click, you buy and you wait.

Then the giant box arrives at your driveway. (Sadly, this package was too heavy for drone delivery.. maybe that will change soon.) You open it up, all a-Twitter (snapping a selfie to make a quick status update) and climb into your new car. Still in the box. Ya. Spankin new car, still in the box. Your grandma never heard that one before. Better update her on Facebook.

Then your first drive as you roll it out of the box. Ahhh yeah. Tesla Smeshla, you just bought a new car for under $15k and you got it delivered to your door by Amazon. How's that for game-changing, Elon?

This scenario is basically reality. Some of the details might change. Maybe your grandma doesn't have Facebook. Whatever. You can still snap that selfie from inside the box your new car came in. Maybe your cat will photobomb. Sweet. That'll go viral. I can haz Nissan?

Nissan is promoting the all-new Versa Note by offering it for purchase on No lie. Click here to see it.*

Still don't believe it? This video from Nissan shows a purchase and delivery of a Versa Note from to Madison, Wisconsin:

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