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2014 Nissan LEAF named as best car deal by

Kelley Blue Book has named its 10 Best New Car Deals of the Month for September and the LEAF is on that list.

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The 10 Best New Car Deals of the Month - September 2014 has been released and the Nissan LEAF ranks fourth on the list with a "fair purchase price" of $26,246. Kelley Blue Book's "fair purchase price" is their expectation of actual price paid at the dealership after incentives and financing deals based on average consumer prices paid for the vehicle.

Five of the vehicles chosen for the KBB list were for their special lease financing and values while the other five were for financing and cash-back deals. Kelley Blue Book points out that the likely price for the 2014 Nissan LEAF on a three year (36 month) lease is $26,246 as opposed to its MSRP of $29,650. The 36 month term would include $199/month in payment and $1,999 down at signing. This is the lowest combined discount, monthly payment, and initial payment on the Lease Deals list from Its nearest rival is the Dodge Dart, which has a lower monthly payment, but higher cash down payment and only a 24 month lease on a far lower purchase price.

"September's list of standout lease and financing deals is especially wide-ranging, including luxury cars, an all-electric, and a high-strung hatchback, in addition to bread-and-butter options like midsize sedans, pickups and SUVs, making this a great time for new-car shoppers to snag a great deal," said Jack R. Nerad, executive editorial director and executive market analyst for Kelley Blue Book's The full list can be seen here.

The KBB list is one of the most-watched lists of consumer purchase trends and offers for new car buyers. The Nissan LEAF has been a regular entrant onto lists like this at since debuting on the market three years ago. The LEAF is the best-selling battery electric car in the United States and globally.

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