Hyundai Genesis

Picking the Fastest Hyundai Genesis: More Is More

When you describe the fastest Hyundai should you look at strictly 0-60 times or should you measure things like horsepower and torque? One website has declared the definitive winner and it probably won't surprise most folks but some might find it wrong.
Advertisement, in a profile of the fastest 40 cars for every brand in the United States, has proclaimed the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec as the fastest Hyundai sold in the United States. As the site explains, "This car makes 348 horsepower from a 3.8 liter V8 engine, and can hit 0-60 in 5.6 seconds. Not bad for a company that traditionally builds consumer sedans not really tailored for road performance."

It further explains, "Top speeds are governed by Hyundai’s internal systems, but the Genesis Coupe 3.8 R-Spec is capable of reaching terminal velocity in the neighborhood of 152 miles per hour. Though cars like the Equus sedan are more powerful, the Genesis Coupe is the car you’ll want if you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry."

But what about the 2015 Genesis sedan with a V8? According to, "Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph comes in 5.2 seconds, up from that last-gen Genesis' 4.8-second time." Sure, the sedan is slower than its predecessor but it appears to be faster than the coupe by a full four-tenths of a second. (The V6 sedan is rated by various publications and websites in the 6.6 to 6.8 second range for 0-60 times.)

Don't consider the Veloster Turbo a competitor. It's rated at 7.7 seconds for 0-60, which is respectable coming from a 2.0-liter, 200 hp engine. The 2014 Hyundai Equus just loses the 0-60 competition by a mere tenth of a second to the Genesis coupe and a half-second to the 2015 Genesis sedan.

So, when it comes to outright 0-60 times the winner is the Hyundai Genesis sedan – not the Genesis Coupe. How is that possible?

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You do know that the 3.8 is a v6, not a v8, right? There's no credibility here when the Sedan that comes with the 5.0 v8 is definitely faster.
That's why it is in direct quotes. I know it's a V6. I should have put "sic" next to the error. But my point is the Genesis V8 sedan is still the fastest Hyundai - not the Genesis coupe as the other site argues.
More fuel usage
We have a 2011 Kia Optima Turbo and the 0-60 numbers from 1/4 miles times on line says its 6.1 second car. I agree. Its a sports sedan at $30k. My 95 vette with 300hp and 340 ft.torque hits 60 in published 5.1 seconds. The qtr mile in 13.5 only 1 second faster than the 1/4 mile time of the Optima Turbo. So much power can be generated from a 2 liter engine and the AMG 45 does it at 355 hp. Pricing is $55k which is rich considering the new corvette base is $53k with 450 hp . The next gen Genesis coupe should get the v8 to compete with the Camaro and Mustang.
I second this hyundai needs to just accept that this sports car is a sports car and give it a v8 with the option of a turbo and bigger coolant systems
Veloster is a 1.6 not 2.0 with 201hp. I wish my little VT had a 2.0T... would be blowing WRXs out of the water with that kind of power to weigh ratio.
Yeah the power to weight ratio would be prett nice. Although, Even with the hypothetical 2.0 came with direct injection like the WRX. You won't have AWD. Or a full four door sedan. What you get from the WRX for the price is amazing.
Your whole article is wrong... I've owned two genesis coupes and it took me about three seconds to tell that you didn't double check your sources. My 2015 3.8 has the same 348hp, and the same 0-60 times as the 2013-2014, which is 5.1 on a slow day. - and thats the automatic. Saying the 5.0 sedan can take the 3.8 coupe is hilarious, and I would seriously reconsider your whole article.
I agree with the last statement said. My 2015 Genesis coupe R spec 3.8 manual hits 4.9 0-60 stock....once I put on better tires I was hitting with a few simple mods im pushing 405 hp 350 ft/lbs with a 4.0 0-60 time.....your figures are way off. A 2.0T R Spec is 5.7 0-60 and even one with a tune and intake couldnt keep up with my stock 3.8. Lots of magazines either bash companies because they are paid too or their drivers are amatuers who cant drive stick.
Hey Chris, How about a little detail on the mods you did to get to 405hp. Thanks,
I bought a new Genesis in 2009 and still have it with only 41,000 miles. Although I drove both the V6 and V8 I went with the V6 and I am still happy that was my choice. To say I like this car is an understatement, I have only had one issue with the car when it was very new about 3,000 miles, an accelerator module went bad. Happily the car didn't stop running it did what it was designed to do and limited my speed to about 35 mph or so. After that nothing, nada, nil it just keeps running. The dealer I got the car from threw in a free oil change every 5,000 mile and I have faithfully had this maintenance done. When the car had about 3500 miles I decided to see what it would do, after I got a little over 150mph a safety issue kicked in and made the car slow down, probably a good thing lol. So I have never regretted getting the V6. My normal gas mileage in town is 22.5 mpg and on highway 27 mpg is not uncommon. Naturally it all depends on whether I'm being heavy footed which is my tendency. With little or no effort this car seems to just glide into action from a dead stop, for sure it’s one of the best riding and smoothest cars I have ever owned, and I've had a lot of em. The funny thing is when I bought the car I really wasn't in the market for a car; in fact it was an impulse buy. Although I had read some ads about the 2009 model I didn't know it was car of the year at that time. The biggest reason I got the car is cuz at that time cars were not selling at all people were scared, when I haggled with the salesman and he gave me a price I almost jokingly threw a number back at him. He refused and as I was going to my car he called me back and came to within $200 dollars of the number I said, so now I had to decide if I really wanted a car as he called my bluff. To me it’s the best deal I've ever gotten on a car and I hope to get many more years of enjoyment from this great car. MIKLO
That's awesome. Glad your enjoying your car. And way to not take any bull from the dealer. they take advantage of so many other people that it's good to steal one from them from time to time. They'll survive.
this car the v6 3.8l with its 350hp 24 valves dual head over cam one for enter one for outing..and its gaz direct injection...makes it for its price range a beast...under 5 seconds 0-60 man that's faster than older mustangs gt completely the genesis 2.t....and the 5.0 why haven't they added some mod of any kind to gives this car an edge over the v6...its a sedan over weight...makes it slower than the v6...anyways my v6 2015 30 0000 a joy to drive and race lol...ive raced a few cars that were prolly impressed with the performance of my car one was a Honda si civic...was almost on par at start up but quickly took the lead after a few the feeling of changing the gears on sports mode on my pedals on the stering was a thrill....8 speed monster.