Hyundai Genesis one of worst selling new cars
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Hyundai Genesis One of Worst Selling Cars in US – Buy It Now

One of the 10 worst selling new cars in the business is the Hyundai Genesis and that represents a great opportunity for a savvy buyer.

As reported by 24/, the Hyundai Genesis is the 7th worst selling new car in the American marketplace. The average Genesis has been sitting on the dealer lot for 119 days and has an average incentive of $3145. The True Market Value for my part of Connecticut puts the 3.8-liter Genesis at $33,486, which is about 10 percent below MSRP.

Tons of words have been written about the 2015 Hyundai Genesis that was introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. But the model that is getting overlooked is the 2014 Hyundai Genesis because who in their right mind would buy one now with a great new model rolling out later this spring?

Well, a smart buyer would purchase a 2014 Genesis right now if he or she is looking for a great sedan that is a former North American Car of the Year. Play your cards right smart shopper and you're probably not going to pay much more than for a Sonata but get a lot more car. (Edmunds' True Market Value for a fully-loaded Sonata is $31,475, which puts you in the ballpark of a well-equipped Genesis.)

Truth of the matter is there would be no shame in owning a 2014 Hyundai Genesis. Sure, it's going to lack some of the bells and whistles of the 2105 model but you're going to pay a lot less. Think about it. You could own a great near-luxury car for the price of a common midsize.

If all else fails and consumers don't snap up the Genesis, limo companies should start knocking on Hyundai's door to get deals on what could be the next Lincoln Town Car for airport runs.

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