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Hyundai Announces 2013 Genesis Coupe Price with One Big Twist

Hyundai has set pricing for the 2013 Genesis coupe in both 2.0-liter turbo and 3.8-liter V6 versions but there is one big twist for this model that you’re only going to find in one luxury model sold in the U.S.

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The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe with the four-cylinder 2.0-liter turbo engine comes equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission. That makes it the only non-luxury brand with a four-cylinder engine and an eight-speed automatic transmission. BMW just introduced a 3 series model with a four-cylinder engine and eight-speed automatic.

Getting behind the wheel of the Genesis Coupe equipped that way is going to cost $25,500. A 2012 model with a five-speed automatic transmission with Shiftronic would have set you back $23,500 in the base trim level. On the surface that is a $2000 price increase but buyers are getting a much more sophisticated transmission.

They are also getting more sophisticated engines. Both 4-cylinder and V6 engines benefit from significant technology enhancements. The 3.8-liter Lambda DOHC V6 engine adds direct-injection technology, with peak horsepower rising to 348 at 6,400 rpm, and peak torque increasing to 295 lb.-ft. on premium fuel. The 2.0-liter turbo now generates 274 horsepower and 275 lb.-ft. of torque on premium fuel.

The 3.8L GDI V6 trim level with eight-speed automatic starts at $32,000. That’s a $2250 increase from the $29,750 base price for the 2012 model.

Here is how the pricing breaks down for the 2013 Genesis Coupe lineup:

• 2.0T with 6-Speed M/T: $24,250
• 2.0T with 8-Speed A/T: $25,500
• 2.0T R-Spec with 6-Speed M/T: $26,500
• 2.0T Premium with 8-Speed A/T: $28,750
• 3.8 R-Spec with 6-Speed M/T: $28,750
• 3.8 Grand Touring with 8-Speed A/T: $32,000
• 3.8 Track with 6-Speed M/T: $33,000
• 3.8 Track with 8-Speed A/T: $34,250

Genesis Coupe Highlights:
• Refreshed, more aggressive exterior design with new front fascia, grille, headlight, fog light, hood designs, available LED daytime running lights (DRLs), new LED-enhanced taillight design, new 18- and 19-inch wheels
• New GDI 3.8-liter V6 producing 348 horsepower, 295 lb.-ft. torque (premium fuel)and 344 horsepower, 292 lb.-ft. torque (regular fuel)
• 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine receives new twin-scroll turbocharger and larger, more thermally-efficient intercooler 274 horsepower, 275 lb.-ft. torque (premium fuel)and 260 horsepower, 260 lb.-ft. torque (regular fuel)
• New, in-house-developed 8-speed automatic transmissions with paddle-shift SHIFTRONIC® capability
• New, retuned low-velocity-control suspension dampers
• Redesigned center stack appearance with premium stitching on upper instrument panel, armrest and center console cover
• Electroluminescent gauge cluster with information display
• Telescopic steering wheel (added to tilt function)
• New 7” Navigation System, HD Radio®, Blue Link® telematics available on 3.8 Grand Touring/Track and 2.0T Premium
• Driver seat power lumbar adjustment available on 3.8 Grand Touring/Track and 2.0T Premium
Is the twist of an eight-speed automatic transmission going to be enough to sell new Genesis coupes? Time will tell but it is the first step in all non-luxury cars eventually moving to an eight-speed when equipped with four-cylinder engines for better fuel economy.

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Anonymous (not verified)    February 17, 2012 - 3:45AM

They raised price a bit, but you get much better car with improved engine, trany, suspension, frame stifnes, stearing, interior.....I would swap old front end on it....fenders are the same, only need hood, bumper, headlights...