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European Launch of Mercedes CLS Falls on Major 125th Anniversary

Mercedes-Benz will launch its new four-door coupe CLS class on Jan. 29 in Europe: the 125th anniversary of the day in 1886 that Carl Benz filed a patent application (number 37435) at the Reich patent office for his "vehicle operated by gas engine."

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Mercedes-Benz is trumpeting the CLS, a pioneer in the four-door coupe concept, as being “a generation” ahead of other brands that have entered into the luxury four-door coupe market. Mercedes is launching a massive marketing campaign, which has enjoyed mild success since its introduction in 2004.

The CLS will come with four engine choices in Europe. Two six-cylinder models at first are the CLS 350 CDI BlueEfficiency with 265 horsepower and the CLS 350 BlueEfficiency with 306 horsepower and the Eco start/stop function as standard. Two months later, the engine range will be expanded to include the CLS 250 CDI BlueEfficiency with 204 horsepower and the CLS 500 BlueEfficiency, with a V8 engine and 408 horsepower, will follow in April. Both also have the Eco start/stop function as standard.

The CLS is the first vehicle from Mercedes-Benz to have frameless, all-aluminum doors. These are made from deep-drawn aluminum panels with extruded sections, and in comparison with conventional steel doors, are some 15 lbs. (24 kilograms) lighter. Apart from the doors, the hood, front wings, trunk lid, parcel shelf, various support profiles and substantial parts of the suspension and engines are all made of aluminum.

The CLS was the first four-door coupe when it was introduced in October 2004. Since its inception 174,000 CLS models have been sold around the globe.

By the way, Mercedes is spinning a short story around the CLS. It has launched an interactive web special at that gives visitors an impression of the new CLS. A short story by best-selling American author Joey Goebel allows users not only to experience the unique four-door coupé but also to assume the role of the main character and play an active role in the story "Sensuality and sense." The highlights of the CLS are presented in additional short stories by Goebel in the form of videos. A version of the interactive web special optimised for the iPad will be available in the App Store in February.

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gonasip (not verified)    October 11, 2011 - 3:27AM

Mercedes-Benz CLS is a wonderfull machine. The tuner Brabus which is a Mercedes-Benz specialist just introduced the 2012 Brabus rocket 800 . Now this is the world’s fastest legal-street sedan