Mercedes-Benz shows driver focus with advanced technologies

Mercedes-Benz is well known for driving the future of the automobile, but proud to carry forward everything the company has ever imagined, studied, and learned along the way. As it mixes driver-focused technology with the green tech, the company builds on its strong technology past in a way that is unique in the auto industry.

Some of the latest advanced technologies from Mercedes-Benz may support green elements, but are not necessarily totally green. One look at the advanced technology videos you will see a direct emphasis on the driver.

The overview includes the following: the Hybrid Transmission, the NightView Assist, Distronic Plus, Command, and Rear View Monitor.

The Hybrid transmission video, for example, focuses on the ML hybrid transmission which creates a unique feel, aside from the use of electric motors in parallel. When under the power of the internal combustion, the vehicle speed may increase, but the engine sound does not reflect a drop in rpm at each shift point as with a traditional transmission.

In other words the transmission is variable; meaning, the engine speed remains constant at a certain point to maintain optimum engine performance. This may give the driver the impression of slippage, but that is never the case.

Night View Assist uses infrared technology and activated when low beams are on. It captures a field up to 500 feet ahead with a clear, sharp picture availed by the use of high resolution. Unlike other systems which only show warm objects like animals, the Mercedes system shows both warm and cold objects.

Using radar based technology, the next technology called Distronic Plus, automatically adjusts vehicle speed to maintain safe driving distances. It can even bring the vehicle to a complete stop In addition, a breakthrough called Pre-Safe Brake helps reduce forces in an accident by applying maximum braking pressure.

The Command system implements multiple levels of controlling audio and communication, like Blue Tooth, telephone, six-disc DVD/CD changer, audio, video playback and a card reader. For easy viewing, a large 8 inch high resolution screen is recessed into the dash.

Rear View Monitor uses a wide-angled to allow a driver to move in reverse and park with ease. The camera lens is placed discreetly into the trunk lid

Final Comments

These are just a few examples of innovations and advanced technology that Mercedes uses. Of course, other companies now have similar technologies, but Mercedes always seems to be ahead of most of the tech curves.

Mercedes-Benz has a rich history of environmental sensitivity as well, with more than a century of ongoing research driving changes in their technology. The company has taken a giant leap forward in reducing the carbon footprint and making a real difference for the future of our planet. For starters, they took the world's first diesel engine and made it one of the world's cleanest.

The real good news is that the march toward improvement is ongoing. So, it will be interesting to see what they bring to the 2011 NAIAS in Detroit.

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