The newly update Maserati Grand Sports

Maserati Updates The Grand Sports With Performance

Maserati upgrades its niche Grand Sport with more power and intelligent use of high end technology making it an even more desirable car.

There are cars… and then, there are cars. Maserati is different. Maserati has always been different. It’s for the discriminating aficionado who wants luxury, elegance and performance but without splashing it to the world. If you want to be seen and drive a red performance car, Ferrari will give you all that and more. But, if you want to be a little bit more inconspicuous without sacrificing performance, then Maserati is your car. Originally Maserati was about racing, period. Reluctantly and to bring a certain amount of cash flow to the company, the Maserati brothers started making unique hand built road cars that rivaled Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. After decades, the company was sold and taken over by the Orsi family. The Maserati brothers went back to their heart passion, that of racing and started the OSCA company, the ultimate little racer. OSCAs were works of art only rivaled by Swiss watch-making know-how. Their V12 2L engines a testament to that savoir faire. What we have today with Maserati is the heritage of classic, yet discreet connoisseur performance car.

Maserati Grand Sport. The Maserati Grand Sports fulfills the same emotional call the illustrious 3500GT, as well as the ultimate 5000GT of the 60’s, the Bora and the breathtaking Ghibli early 70’s super car did. A Maserati transports you in an unmatched world of performance and elegance. The design is what you would expect from the Italian brand, beautiful, elegant yet refined, classic and enough performance to satisfy anyone.

Technically Speaking. The updated Maserati Grand Sport received some upgrades pushing the V8 of 4.7L to new dimensions. The drivetrain received a special touch also with a coating of Diamond Like Coating, DLC on the camshaft lobes and tappets, decreasing friction, allowing for a smoother and higher revving engine. The wet sump oil lubrication has been carefully engineered with special fluids dynamics designed to reduce loading in order to deliver all of its 454 hp. Peak torque has also gone up to 384 ft-lb, which means this perfect balance car, 49% front, the rest on the back is a pleasure to drive.

The Grand Sport sports a ZF automatic 6 speed gearbox, equipped with Maserati’s MC Auto Shift, which now allows for 200 ms shifts. All of this rides on double wishbone suspension platform that is controlled with its Sky Hooks. What the Sky Hooks does is automatically readjust the damper on the car, giving this unique car an adaptive yet Maserati legendary ride.

With its obligatory dual-cast Brembo brakes, the GS stops with a 6 piston mono-block calipers in the front and 4 calipers in the back. The drilled and cross slotted rotors are a mixture of iron and aluminum lowering the unsprung weight by 20%.

Aesthetic Wise. The car is sleek, unpretentious yet stunning. It begs to cruise for hours on highways and still invites you to tackle mountainous roads on a whim. It is aggressive yet distinct enough not to scream for attention. In many ways, it is the perfect car, where performance is elegantly robed.

Interior Redesign. The front seats with their integrated head rest have been redesigned to support for better acceleration and cornering. The steering wheel has also been redesigned with a better handling grip.

They Come In Different Sizes… The entry level Grand Sport MC come with the 4.2L V8, pushing out 444 hp with a 185 mph top speed and a 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds. All of this for $139,900 and every bit worth it. But if the entry level won’t do, how about the GT Convertible Sports? Sporting the same horsepower with a slightly lower top speed of 177 mph, the 0 to 60 is achieved in 5.2 seconds, it’s yours for $142,000.

The Maserati Grand Sport is a stunning no matter which angle you view it form. It stands alone in the performance and elegance world with an unbeatable Italian flair for design. The newly updated Maserati Grand Sport brings in extra performance touches that makes this already highly desirable car a must have.

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