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Ford Teen Driving Safety Campaign Multiply Events

Ford is pursuing its intelligent teen driving campaign. This year, the campaign joins more events.

Ford Teen Driving Safety Campaign has officially joined the Variety for Power of Youth Event. The Detroit carmaker is collaborating with Variety to encourage safe driving at the annual Power of Youth event, which honors the charitable efforts of Hollywood’s young entertainers, this year including The Jonas Brothers, Vanessa Hudgens and others. The Ford Driving Skills for Life, DSFL is a very comprehensive driving skills program taking teens through a driver distraction course and providing safe driving tips.

Ford Teen Driving Safety Campaign. Ford is flirting with the red carpet at Variety’s Power of Youth event held today at Paramount Pictures Studios in Los Angeles. By highlighting the importance of teen driving safety on the red carpet, the DSFL program will be made available to hundreds of teens attending.

Getting Behind The Wheels. As part of the partnership, Ford will give hundreds of teen drivers an opportunity to get behind the wheel to practice safe driving skills and get tips from professional drivers. A driver distraction course will test their ability to manage distracting situations and demonstrate the importance of keeping hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Ford also shows its technologies designed to make driving more comfortable, convenient and safe for young drivers, such as the company’s MyKey® and active park assist technologies. MyKey helps new drivers develop safe driving habits. The program includes intelligent features, such as a “Do Not Disturb” function that blocks incoming calls and texts and a “No Belt, No Tunes” function that mutes the audio system until front occupants buckle up.

Driving Skills for Life.
 In its ninth year, Ford DSFL is a partnership between Ford Motor Company Fund and the Governors Highway Safety Association, which includes free professional driver instruction, a Web-based curriculum, free educational materials, state grants and statewide education partnerships. With more than 3,000 teens ages 15-19 are killed each year on American roads, Ford is helping alleviate traffic fatalities, which are the leading cause of death of American teens, according to government statistics.

According to the press release, Jim Graham, manager, Ford DSFL had to say: “Our aim with Ford Driving Skills for Life is to leave a lasting impression on teens who may not understand the risks associated with driving. Inexperience is the leading cause of crashes in young drivers, and this program delivers the skill sets that can make them safer drivers.”

It’s a good thing to see a carmaker, such as Ford using its money intelligently not only helping save teen fatalities but also preventing accidents by teaching them how to drive.


Al Beckley (not verified)    February 1, 2015 - 10:52AM

I will be starting up a driver education school, so anything related to driving safety would interest me.