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Top gear host Jeremy Clarkson voted worst driving partner

Jeremy Clarkson, host of Top Gear, has topped a poll of British celebrities people would least like to share a driving adventure with. At least according to research done by Continental Tires.


For those that don't know Top Gear is a wildly popular British Broadcasting Corporation TV show. Top Gear revolves around three British men, Jeremy Clarkson, James May, and Richard Hammond. The show is comprised of car reviews, putting stars in a reasonable priced car or on a racetrack, and generally crazy antics in moving vehicles of some sort. It is estimated to have global audience of over 300 million viewers a week. There has been an Americanized version of Top Gear, which debut last year on the History channel.

Clarkson is a bit of a controversial TV host and columnist, because of his outlandish comments and statements. However, this is how he has become popular and earned his reputation.

Mr. Clarkson was rated as the worst person to share a journey in a 4x4 to drive across the Sahara Desert. Surprisingly Katie Price, a British glamor model came in second. (Google her and I think you would want to share driving adventure with her.) Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, came in third.

Three quarters of drivers would not want to ride with a celebrity, with nearly half opting for a family member to join them, whilst the rest put friends in front of the famous.

The poll of 2,000 drivers by Continental Tires identified a good sense of humor as the top trait for a co-driver, ahead of good motoring knowledge and survival skills. Jeremy Clarkson would provide great humor, but you would most likely never get to where you wanted to go.

The research was conducted as part of the launch of this year’s Continental Tires 4x4 Trophy, where people compete for a place on an epic off road challenge, driving a Hummer across the Sahara Desert.

“Driving thousands of miles through the Atlas Mountains and the fiery sands of the Sahara Desert makes your choice of co-driver incredibly important. It’s a long, tough and often dangerous journey.” said Tim Bailey, spokesperson for Continental Tires. I definitely agree with Mr. Bailey here and there are lots of people that would not be on my list.

“Jeremy Clarkson might have motoring credentials but either his calamitous road trips on Top Gear his lack of practical skills or his outspoken views mean most people would leave him behind.” Tim Bailey added.

When men were asked which female celebrity they would most like to accompany them on a driving adventure through the Sahara, Kelly Brook (another British glamor model), was number one. Women chose Robert Pattinson, the star of the Twilight movies. I would prefer Kelly Brook!

Check out the list of British celebrities that few want to drive with. Do you agree?

Top ten worst British celebrities to go on driving adventure with:
1. Jeremy Clarkson
2.  Katie Price
3.  David Cameron
4.  Kate Moss
5.  Carol Vorderman
6.  Christine Bleakley
7.  Nick Clegg
8.  Madonna
9.  Simon Cowell
10.  Lewis Hamilton

Photo Credit: Wikipedia