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Economy is so bad President Obama's Chrysler 300C has no buyers

A 2005 Chrysler 300C, which used to be owned by President Barack Obama, has found no buyers. It seems the $1 million dollar pricetag was too high in this horrendous economy!


The Chrysler 300C was put up for sale on eBay. The eBay auction closed late Wednesday with no takers for the minimum asking price, which was $1 million dollars. There were bids for less than than the asking price though.

Obama leased the Chrysler 300C, powered by a HEMI V8, while he was a state senator in Illinois. He drove the car from 2004-2007. Due to the political correctness (or uncorrectness) of driving a big gas-guzzling sedan, he decided to get a Hybrid, specifically a Ford Escape Hybrid.

If you did find yourself buying the Presidential Chrysler 300C, you would get a form of authentication. A photograph of the original Illinois title with Obama's name on it. (I guess some felt that did not constitute a $1 million dollar pricetag.)

Tim O'Boyle, who owns the President's 300C, wants to put the car up for sale closer to the 2012 presidential election. He feels during that period selling the car might be a lot easier, due to increased interest in politics, therefore increased interest in Barack Obama. I imagine it will be listed at a lower price, since $1 million seems to be too high.

This is not the first time the eBay sale of Obama's 300C has gone wrong. It was offered up for sale on eBay three years ago. The starting bid was $100,00 but the price was pushed up to a staggering $1 billion dollars (yes $1 billion!) by phony bidders.

"We're trying to talk him into rerunning it now and making some changes to [the listing]. Lowering the price, and contacting Obama to find out if there's a charity he'd like us to donate some of the profits to.” said Lisa Czibor, the eBay seller conducting the auction on O'Boyle's behalf. "In the end, it's [O'Boyle's] car. It's up to him." said Czibor.

It seems Mr. O'Boyle needs to find a different form of selling this presidential 300C. I don't think eBay seems to be working out that well. Maybe he should try Barrett-Jackson or Carlisle. He might have better luck!

Obama does not need to worry about driving anymore. He gets chauffeured around in a limo. However, I think he would be sad to hear that a car he used to drive could not find a buyer. I guess that is a sign of the economy. :)


FredG (not verified)    February 3, 2012 - 1:31AM

What a fine automobile. If anyone pays more than the blue book - idiot.

Anyway, as far as saving/buying on eBay in general goes:

If you send the seller a question about an item, find another of their listings, and send the question from that item page, rather than from the one that you actually want. This will add a little bit of work for the seller, if they want to add the question/answer to the item description page that you are actually interested in.

If you see an item that you want listed in auction format, send the seller a message asking if they will accept $x to end the auction early and sell the item to you. May be telling them that they would not have to wait as long to get their money (they would probably know that, but it still might help). If that does not work, use a sniping service such as to bid for you. It'll bid in the last few seconds, helping you to save money and avoid shill bidding.

Use a site like to set up saved searches. You'd get an e-mail whenever a match is listed. Especially good for "Buy It Now"s priced right.

If the item that you are looking for is difficult to spell, try a misspelling search site like to hopefully find some deals with items that have main keywords misspelled in the title. Other interested buyers might never see them. Then, if the item is listed an auction format, after a few days of no bids (hopefully anyway) send the seller and offer to end the auction early and sell the item to you. They may worry that no one is interested, and take whatever they can get.