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GM Slows Big Pickup Production to Lower Inventory: See affected trucks

General Motors is slowing down production of full-size pickups. The company announced that they will close their Fort Wayne, Indiana plant for the week of November 7 to adjust for a slower market demands for full-size pickups.

The plant makes the Chevrolet Silverado and the GMC Sierra.

Saturday shifts have already been canceled at the Fort Wayne plant for the rest of the year. Five Saturday shifts scheduled for September and October at its Flint, Mich., plant, which also builds large pickups have also been canceled.

The company has reduced production of pickups several times since the end of June because its inventory hit 122 days when an 80-day supply is normal. Inventory has declined from its high point in June. It was 115 days at the end of July and 108 days at the end of August. September inventory levels will be disclosed with monthly sales. GM expects inventory to be at a 90-day supply by year’s end.

Ford analysts told reporters last week that sales of full size pickups were at their highest rate of the year in September, at about 13 percent of industry vehicle sales up from about 9 percent in April and May.

Big pickup sales have been a driver increasing overall light vehicle sales. Through August of this year big pickup demand has risen 9 percent while overall light vehicle sales are up 11 percent. By brand, the Dodge Ram pickup increased 24 percent to 153,452, GMC Sierra sales climbed 18 percent to 93,438 units, Silverado sales increased 7 percent to 252,738, Ford’s F-series are up 7 percent to 361,978

Silverado sales are up 7 percent this year through August to 252,738 units, while Sierra sales have climbed 18 percent to 93,438 units.

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