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Hyundai to inspect 2011 Sonatas for steering issue

Hyundai dealers nationwide will be looking into about 4,000 complaints that some 2011 Hyundai Sonatas are pulling to the left while driving.

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Hyundai dealers across the US will be inspecting some 2011 Sonata midsize sedans to address the complaints of over 4,000 owners who have said the car pulls to the left while driving. Hyundai suspects that 41,000 Sonatas with 18-inch wheels could be susceptible to the problem, according to spokesman Jim Trainor. Trainor has insisted though that this operation is a service bulletin, not a recall.

Hyundai recalled 138,000 Sonatas last year for a different steering problem, in which US safety regulators found that the steering shaft had the potential to detach from the steering wheel. The NHTSA has so far received 198 complaints about the current tracking problem that customers are describing.

Customers can arrange for their cars to be inspected with local Hyundai dealers, who will perform a wheel alignment and replace the front suspension struts if necessary to correct the problem.

Source: Automotive News

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