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Nissan is mailing some cache to 2011 Juke owners

Apparently having a small gas tank is worth some cash? Due to a marketing error owners of Nissan’s sporty little crossover, the 2011 Juke, are receiving a rebate from Nissan. Owners should be on the look out for a check in their mailbox.

Nissan’s Juke is a CUV with some flavor, offered in two different drive train options. There’s the 1.6 L direct injected, turbocharged inline four with either Front Wheel Drive or All-Wheel Drive. Both are offered with a six speed manual transmission or a CVT automatic Transmission.

All thought it’s a CUV. This thing is quick. With the 1.6 L matched to the AWD system the Juke scampers to 60 in about 6.3 seconds, 7.3 for the CVT’d option. But the Juke not only is brisk through the gears but through the cones as well. With slalom (6x100 ft) speed off 66 MPH the Juke is just as good turning and handing corners as it is quick.

This is in part to the Independent McPherson Struts up front, and the Semi Independent Twist Beam Axle in the rear of the FWD models. A muti-link suspension holds the rear of the Juke to the road in conjunction with the torque vectoring center differential AWD system. Also assisting the traction issue is 215/55 R17 tires on 17in. alloys.

The interior of the 2011 Nissan Juke is quiet, as apposed to the outside. With an interior made of plastic and flashy paint. The Juke is another low budget build that tries to be sport and convenient, while being safe. The highlight is the I-CON (integrated control) System. This system allows the user to utilize HVAC controls and a drive mode selector in one easy to use system. It also has a screen to display boost and tourque curve graphs, as well as temperature.

Nissan incorrectly labeled many AWD Jukes slightly after its release date last year. The AWD Nissan juke is equipped with an 11.8 gallon gas tank. Where as the FWD Juke has a 13.2 gallon tank. See the AWD Jukes have drive shafts in place of the big gas tank under the store area. The mislabeled Jukes were assembled to specification but when buyers saw the paperwork, they were told (and paid for) the larger tank.

Nissan was informed about the error and corrected it immediately. Nissan also wants owners to know if you are not satisfied with this rebate they are willing to reacquire all effected models. So as I said 2011 Juke owners, keep an eye on that mailbox, and enjoy. For you are owners of a wonderful, unique, and fun vehicle.


Anonymous (not verified)    May 20, 2011 - 9:03PM

hmmm I thought my Juke used a lot of gas, but it turns-out it had a very small tank :(
sometimes, I regret not getting a Prius... but my Juke is cutter :)