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You Can Help Fund the National Corvette Museum Repairs with No Cost to You

The National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green Kentucky announced this morning that has offered to help cushion the financial blow of the sinkhole repairs by donating 0.5% of eligible purchases on their website to the museum – with an extra $5 per purchase being donated by Amazon between now and the end of March.

Do you want to help with the repairs to the National Corvette Museum and to the 8 historic Chevrolet Corvettes damaged in the sinkhole – but you don’t have the financial capacity to just be giving away money? If so, can allow you to help donate money to the Corvette museum without any increased cost to you. As part of the AmazonSmile program, will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the National Corvette Museum AND the massive online retailer will donate $5 per purchase to the repair efforts of the history rich Corvette facility in Bowling Green Kentucky. Amazon will offer this program through the end of March, with up to $1,000,000 being donated to the museum.

While I am not sure exactly what all is considered “eligible”, I wanted to show how easily you can contribute money to the National Corvette Museum without any real cost to you. Say that you were considering buying the incredible Samsung UN85S9V 85-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED UHDTV. For those unfamiliar with that product, it is arguably one of the most impressive televisions on the market right now and it has a price to reflect that at $45,000. That $45,000 television “only” costs $39,997 on Amazon so you would save about $5,000 compared to a traditional retailer and 0.5% of that would be around $200 while the extra $5 would make the total donated from your TV purchase to $205. Just for buying something that you were going to buy anyways, you will have added around $200.

Again, I should mention that Im not sure if that TV is available in the program, but that pricey item shows how quickly and easily someone can help donate money to the National Corvette Museum simply by purchasing that awesome new TV you’ve been wanting so badly…or any other item that has been on your Amazon wish list for a while. Regardless of what the purchase might be, if you have been waiting for a reason to pull the trigger on a big Amazon purchase, doing so right now can help with Corvette museum get back into shape.

So, if you have been planning on making some purchases through and you want to help out the repair and recovery issues at the National Corvette Museum, click here to head over to to learn more about the program!

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Image: National Corvette Museum