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Volkswagen Jetta recall issued for 2011 models

Volkswagen of America has announced a recall of the popular 2011 Jetta for an issue relating to the horn and anti-theft system but the company has been very vague as to exactly what the problem is with these recalls Jettas.


This new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta recall pertains to 71,043 vehicles in the United States built between March 2010 and March 2011, and the company states the cause for this voluntary recall is that they need to “reconfigure a wiring layout associated with the anti-theft alarm system and horn”. The statement from VW doesn’t go into any detail as to why they need to reconfigure the wiring layout but they do point out that no accidents or injuries have stemmed from the condition at fault for the recall.

This new Volkswagen Jetta recall was officially announced yesterday but at the time of this article being published, this recall has not appeared on the NHTSA website. Once the 2011 Jetta recall goes live on the SaferCar website, we could get a little better idea as to what problem caused this recall. Also, there has not been a definite timetable for the start of the recall but VW will notify owners via first class mail as to what will be done to their vehicle and how long the repairs will take.

Recalls are based on safety issues, so in the absence of full information on the problem I can only speculate as to what problem is causing this recall. In the best case scenario, the problem could be something as simple as the horn or anti-theft system not working (which could cause minor safety issues) but whenever wiring is involved, there is the outlying possibility of electrical shorts and fire risks. Hopefully the folks representing the People’s Car will offer up more information soon on the 2011 Jetta recall and when they do, will bring you up to the minute updates.

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