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Volkswagen recalls Routan minivans for ignition problem

Last week, Chrysler announced that they were recalling almost a quarter million Dodge and Chrysler minivans for an ignition problem that could cause stalling and now the Volkswagen Routan – a minivan built by Chrysler for VW – is being recalled for the same problem.

While the original Chrysler minivan ignition recall affects around 248,000 vehicles, the Volkswagen Routan doesn’t enjoy similar sales success, so the VW minivan recall only reaches 12,612 vehicles from the 2010 model year; specifically to vehicles built between October 2009 and June 2010. Chrysler estimated that only around 3% of their vehicles may actually experience the problem and a similar percentage would indicate roughly 375 Routans with the problem.

This VW minivan recall pertains to the ignition switch, as Chrysler has received a fair number of complaints about the assembly allowing the key to shift from the run position to the accessory position while moving – literally shutting the engine off. Some of you may be reading this and thinking “all you have to do is re-start the vehicle”, but that requires the driver to shift into neutral and depress the brake pedal before the vehicle will start back up. Imagine having your vehicle stall in rush hour at 60mph…and you have to shift into neutral and hit the brakes before the vehicle will start back up – clearly posing a safety risk.

This Volkswagen Routan recall is expected to officially begin in early April 2011, with owners being asked to return to their dealership where the ignition module will be replaced free of charge.

Click here for more information on the original recall from Chrysler.

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