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Chrysler recalls 248,000 vehicles for ignition failure risks

The Chrysler Group and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that almost a quarter million 2010 model year vehicles from Dodge and Chrysler are being recalled to address an issue with the ignition cylinder that can cause the engine to stall – vastly increasing the risks of a crash.

This new Chrysler recall affects select 2010 Dodge Journey, Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country models built between August 3rd 2009 and June 17th 2010, with around 248,000 vehicles included in this recall.

The problem with these vehicles is that the ignition cylinder can fail while driving, allowing the key to shift from the “run” position to the “accessory” position – thus shutting the engine off suddenly. Even though the vehicle should be able to start right back up, having the engine shut down while on the highway poses a very clear danger, especially when you consider that the driver would have to shift the vehicle into neutral and depress the brake pedal to get the vehicle to start back up.

This Chrysler and Dodge recall is expected to begin in April 2011, with owners being instructed to return to their neighborhood Dodge or Chrysler dealership where the ignition cylinder module will be replaced, free of charge. The good news is that Chrysler states that only about 3% of the vehicles being recalled may actually have a faulty ignition cylinder so of the 248,000 crossovers and minivans recalled, only around 7,500 could potentially be affected but Toyota has taught the other automakers in the US market that it is far better to be safe than sorry.

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