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Video of the 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302S in action

Ford Motor Company has used their Ford Racing TV YouTube channel to show off the new Mustang Boss 302S – the race-only replacement for the Ford Racing FR500S – offering us a first look at the mighty Mustang built specifically for SCCA's World Challenge and NASA's American Iron series in action on the track.

Homestead Miami Speedway is the site of this test session featuring the new Mustang Boss 302S, offering the high banked oval of NASCAR with an infield road course more familiar to those who follow Grand Am racing. This venue was likely picked because its ability to show off the Boss 302S racer’s handling capacity combined with a propensity for high speed on the long straightaways. To make the most of this test sessions, Ford has placed cameras around the track and on pit road, along with an in-car camera complete with a full telemetry readout including the lap time, speedometer, tachometer and a brake/throttle indicator. However, as you watch the video, you may also notice that the brake/throttle lights don’t see to be working – nor is the tachometer – but the G meter is working as it shows that the Boss 302S is turning up around 1.5 G’s through the turns of Homestead Speedway.

Along with providing a great look at the new Mustang Boss 302S tearing around the track, this Ford TV video provides a spread of fantastic sound clips of the Boss 5.0L V8 in action as it churns out 440 horsepower. The video goes on to offer us a look at the launch control system in action, as well as some shots of the Boss 302S using its competition-spec brakes to come to abrupt stops on Homestead’s pit row. Check out the video below to get a good look at the Mustang Boss 302S in action and make sure that your speakers are up so that you don’t miss out on the sweet tones of the Boss 5.0.

Just 50 of these high performance track-only Mustangs will be built so if you want yours, have your check for $79,000 ready and contact Ford Racing for more information.

(Thanks to Maximus for the heads up on the video!)

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