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Totaled 2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Daytona Edition Posted for Sale

A 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition model has been listed to the Copart website after being involved in a serious front end impact, making this an ideal project car for someone with advanced bodywork experience.

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The biggest news from the Dodge brand for 2020 is the introduction of the new widebody package, which is optional on the Scat Pack models and standard on Hellcat models. In addition to the widebody package, the 2020 model year Charger is available with the Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition package, which adds 10 extra horsepower and unique appearance cues inside and out. The Charger Hellcat Daytona package is cool, but this simple limited edition package adds more than $5,000 to the bottom line of an already expensive car.

Fortunately, there is a way that you can buy one of these rare, 717-horsepower super sedans on the cheap, but it will require some elbow grease to be able to get it on the road. The folks at Copart have listed what we believe to be the first totaled Charger Hellcat Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition and it has less than 300 miles on the odometer, so the winning bidder is going to get a nearly new supercharged Dodge…it is just badly wrecked.

Totaled Dodge Charger FrontTotaled Charger Hellcat Daytona
As you can see in the pictures, the 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition listed on the Copart website is white with a blue tail strip. We don’t know the serial number out of 501, but we do know that this car has only 296 miles on the odometer. The car hadn’t even reached the end of the break-in period before being mangled.

We don’t have details of the crash, but we can see that this Charger was involved in a hard front end impact, likely taking the brunt of the hit on the passenger’s side. The front fascia, grille and headlights are smashed away, as it the passenger’s side fender. The hood is badly damaged and it looks like the driver’s side fender is a bit dinged-up, as is the passenger’s side rear corner.

Totaled Dodge Charger Rear

You might be looking at these front end pictures and thinking “that can all be easily fixed”, and you are right. Simply replacing those body parts won’t be hard, provided that they still fit. If you look closely, the passenger’s side front wheel appears to be pushed back a bit, as is the radiator support. The fact that the wheel and radiator support have move suggests that this car has chassis damage, which isn’t always easy to fix.
However, if you have the ability to do some advanced auto body repairs, including access to a frame machine, this Daytona Hellcat Charger could make a great winter project.

Totaled Dodge Charger EngineSupply Your Own Chassis
While the chassis of this 2020 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Daytona 50th Anniversary Edition may be too damaged to reuse, this car has a ton of good parts on it. Anyone who can get ahold of a newer Charger chassis in good shape may be able to swap all of the key parts from this wrecked car to that chassis, in which case they would have a non-numbers matching Hellcat Daytona Charger that performs like it is new.

Totaled Dodge Charger Dash

The downside to this whole situation is that the crashed car is listed by Copart, which is an auction website. This means that the Daytona Hellcat Charger could be sold with a high price for a wrecked car, but if you look at the list of reusable parts, this supercharged Dodge is easily worth $20,000, if not more.

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