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Street Legal Dodge Challenger R/T Runs 8.60s in the 1/4-mile

We talk a great deal about the world’s quickest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats, but the quickest modern Challengers on the street are not Hellcat cars and Todd Barber’s twin turbo Challenger R/T is a great example – running through the quarter mile in the mid 8-second range.


The world’s quickest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the Epling’s Garage manual transmission car, which has run a best time of 9.06, but there are street driven Challengers running in the 8-second range – they just aren’t Hellcat models. One street driven 8-second Dodge Challenger is Todd Barber’s Mopar muscle car, which has turned in a best time of 8.627 at 156.72 miles per hour.

I don’t know this Challenger ranks in terms of the quickest street driven modern Dodge muscle cars, but with the ability to reel off 8.6 quarter miles, this is one of the baddest modern Dodge Challengers.

Todd Barber’s Dodge Challenger R/T
The standard Dodge Challenger R/T delivers 375 horsepower and with a good driver, it will run a mid 13-second quarter mile. Todd Barber’s Challenger R/T regularly runs in the mid 8s and it is driven on the street, but there aren’t many mechanical similarities between the stock Challenger R/T and the one in the videos below.

The standard 5.7L Hemi of the Challenger R/T is long gone and in its place is a 414 cubic inch Hemi from Modern Muscle. This monster Mopar V8 is topped with worked cylinder heads from a 6.1L Hemi and the engine is fitted with a pair of 67mm turbochargers from GearHead Fabrications, allowing this Challenger to pack far more than the standard 375 horsepower with a tune from Brian Mcmahan at Drag On Resources. The twin turbo Hemi transfers the power to the rear wheels via an ATI T400 transmission and a DriveShaft Shop rear differential.

This street driven, twin turbo Challenger R/T has run a best time of 8.627 at 156.72 miles per hour and at the first Modern Street Hemi Shootout of this season, Barber and his TT Challenger R/T went head to head with Jason Epling in the world’s quickest Hellcat car and beat the Hellcat – claiming the Super Pro class at the event.

Best of all, Todd Barber had only taken his twin turbo Challenger R/T to a handful of events when he ran his 8.627, so with more seat time, Barber expects to run even better times with his monster Mopar muscle car later this season.

The videos below show Barber’s Challenger R/T making an 8.6X quarter mile run at the Modern Street Hemi Shootout along with beating the Epling’s Garage Hellcat.