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Nissan issuing a service campaign on 2011 Leaf electric vehicles

Last week we brought you the news of Nissan’s investigation over no-start reports with their popular new Leaf electric vehicle and today, Nissan has issued a service campaign bulletin announcing that the vehicles are being called back to dealerships around the world to address a software problem that seems to be causing the no-start issue.

This might sound a great deal like the first recall for the 2011 Nissan Leaf but the Japanese automaker points out that since this no-start issue poses no safety risk, there is no need for an actual recall. There have been no reports of stalling at speed or the electric drivetrain failing and causing any accidents. However, since the car not wanting to start certainly poses an incredible headache for owners of the innovative new electric vehicle, Nissan is asking that owners around the world return to their dealerships to have the vehicle control module reprogrammed.

Even though a very small portion of the 2011 Leaf EVs delivered around the world have been affected by this problem, Nissan isn’t taking any chances with the reputation of the Leaf and they appear to be doing their best to make owners happy. Going forward, Nissan will address this issue prior to delivering the vehicles (assuming that they have the right “fix”) so new owners won’t have to be concerned about the problem but if you are one of the early Leaf owners – you may be subject to this service campaign.

The company states that roughly 5,300 2011 Nissan Leafs in Japan, Europe and the US are affected by this service campaign but since Nissan has been so brutally slow to deliver the pre-ordered electric vehicles to US buyers, only around 500 owners in North America will have to deal with this no-start issue. Owners will be notified via the vehicle on-board information system as well as “traditional methods” which would likely mean email and/or US mail.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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