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The Next Cobra Jet Mustang - It's Coming (Video)

Ford Motor Company rolled out a video this morning teasing what is almost surely the next generation Ford Mustang Cobra Jet race car – with the promise of “big performance news is in store for the 2015 SEMA Show”.

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When the new Ford Mustang was introduced with an independent rear suspension setup, there was a concern among the drag racing world that this new muscle car wouldn’t offer the quarter mile capabilities that most Mustang owners cherish the most. Fortunately, the new Mustang has already proven its meddle on the quarter mile and the new rear suspension setup hasn’t proven to be much of an issue – making all of the Mustang faithful who are focused on drag racing happy.

When the 2015 SEMA Show opens its doors next week, it looks like drag racing Ford Mustang fans are going to be even happier, with the introduction of the next generation Ford Mustang Cobra Jet race car.

Well, at least it certainly appears to be the next gen Mustang Cobra Jet, although this video doesn’t officially state anything. Then again, this video really doesn’t leave any question as to what Ford’s biggest performance news will be at the 2015 SEMA Show.

The Cobra Jet Teaser Video
The video below is a series of quick glimpses at close-up shots of what is almost surely the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. We see a Hoosier drag slick on a lightweight wheel, a racing steering wheel being snapped into place, that same Hoosier slick spinning hard under what appears to be a Cobra Jet logo-clad quarter panel, a quick glimpse of the Cobra Jet quarter panel logo, that disappears into the smoke, the Christmas tree at Milan Dragway, a quick inside view of the new Mustang drag car while in action, a close-up look at the nose of the car and a final clip of the Mustang blasting through the camera view. The image above is a screen shot of that final drive-by, and the portions of the video zip by just as quickly as you read through them above. It floods the senses with the accompaniment of a drag car preparing to run and making the quarter mile pass.

The video doesn’t officially state that the new Ford Mustang Cobra Jet is coming to SEMA, but after watching the video, I bet that you will all agree that this is the new Mustang drag race only package.

What Engine?
While we can assume that this is the next generation Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, we don’t know what is packed under the hood. At the very end of the video, there is a very quick shot of the engine, showing the Cobra Jet air intake and a portion of the valve cover. It looks like the Cobra Jet engine has a unique intake manifold, which makes it hard to tell which V8 is packed under the hood. There doesn’t appear to be a supercharger – but there could be turbochargers tucked out of camera view.

We will find out for sure what Ford has up their sleeve next week at the SEMA Show, but my safe money says that this is a new factory-built 8-second Ford Mustang Cobra Jet.

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BadXperiment (not verified)    October 26, 2015 - 9:21PM

Pretty sure there is a blower on there. you can see the pulley and the green belt next to the throttle body elbow.