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Mustang Inspired Ford Electric Crossover Concept Could Debut This Year

There are no other details, but a debut of a sporty Ford Mustang-inspired electric vehicle in Los Angeles makes perfect sense.


Ford Motor Company is expected to roll out an all-electric crossover that is inspired by the mighty Mustang sometime next year, but the folks at Autocar believe that we could see a concept version later this year. The British outlet doesn’t mention and sources, but in a recent piece running through all of the various details of the Mustang-inspired EV which may or may not be called the Mach E, they stated that “Ford will reveal the car’s name along with the concept before the year is out”.

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While there is no other information available on the debut of the concept, the Los Angeles Auto Show is “later this year” and there is no better location in the United States to introduce a sporty electric vehicle that is likely to be very trendy with the no-gas crowd.

Mustang-Inspired EV Crossover
In case you just got the internet and you have never heard about this Mustang-inspired electric crossover, there isn’t a whole lot more to learn other than the fact that such a thing is in the works. Ford has issued the shadowy teaser images shown here and there have been claims that it will have a single-charge range of 370 miles, which would allow it to beat the all-electric crossovers from Tesla and Jaguar.

hybrid ford mustang teaser

More recently, Ford execs have stated that in addition to being an all-electric vehicle with the highest driving range in the segment, it will also be engineered to be fun to drive. In fact, company head Bill Ford claimed that the EV will “go like hell”, harkening back to the 1960s when Henry Ford told the company team drivers to go like hell when racing Ferraris at LeMans.

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In the long run, the vehicle which might be called the Mach E could be the most engaging electric crossover to drive while also having the greatest range in the segment. Of course, there is also the aspect that it could draw some exterior design inspiration from the Mustang, in which case it could be a very sporty-looking electric vehicle as well.

LA Debut?
Electric vehicles are more popular in California than they are anywhere else in the United States, but sporty, fun-to-drive machines are also quite popular along the American West Coast. The Los Angeles International Auto Show is the biggest of the shows in California, so introducing a new, fun-to-drive electric vehicle in the City of Angels makes perfect sense. LA is the last major auto show of the year in the US, so if the Motor Company wants to introduce the Mustang-inspired EV this year, that is really the last chance – while also being the best choice to debut any electric vehicle in the United States.

However, it should be noted that there has still been no official word from Ford as to when the all-electric, Mustang-inspired crossover will be introduced, so all we are going on for now is reports from unnamed sources. In many cases, those reports turn out to be accurate and with the excitement over this vehicle, we hope that these reports prove to be correct.

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