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Kenne Bell introduces a 4.7L Supercharger for the Hellcat Challenger and Charger

The folks at Kenne Bell have just rolled out their new 4.7L supercharger kit for the Hellcat-powered Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, which with proper supporting modifications will double the stock output of the Mopar monsters – packing more than a thousand rear wheel horsepower “with ease”.

The supercharger experts at Kenne Bell were the first to offer big displacement, rear inlet systems for the Chrysler Group Hemi V8s in their 5.7L, 6.1L and 6.4L forms. The Kenne Bell 3.6L and 4.2L superchargers have allowed Mopar owners to make big power for years, but with their latest production introduction – Kenne Bell is looking to lift Hellcat horsepower to the next level.

Kenne Bell 4.7L Hellcat Supercharger
Today, Kenne Bell announced the biggest, most powerful supercharger ever offered for the Chrysler Hemi V8 with their new 4.7L unit. This blower was designed specifically for the 6.2L Hellcat Hemi and in swapping from the standard 2.4L IHI supercharger to the 4.7L Kenne Bell unit, the company believes that output levels could double. Granted, reaching 1,400 horsepower will require more than just a supercharger swap, but with the necessary supporting items, Kenne Bell expects that Hellcat Challenger and Charger owners will easily see more than 1,000 wheel horsepower.

Like all Kenne Bell superchargers, this new 4.7L unit is constructed from 100% T6 aluminum, which allows for optimal heat transfer and efficiency. Inside, the high flow rear inlet design works with the quartet of 6-lobe rotors and the patented BIGUN intercooler system to jam huge amounts of cooled air through the integrated intake manifold and into the Hellcat Hemi.

The new 4.7L supercharger can be paired with either the Kenne Bell 168mm Mammoth throttle body (2,350cfm) or what Kenne Bell calls the “ultimate BIGUN”, their dual 106mm throttle body system (3,650cfm) – both of which are the largest throttle body systems offered for the modern Hemi engines.

Best of all, the Kenne Bell 4.7L supercharger package with either one of the huge throttle body setups can be configured to be 50-state emission legal, so even Hellcat Challenger and Charger owners in California can enjoy the big Kenne Bell power in their street driven Mopar machine.

Finally, Kenne Bell plans to offer a similar kit for the new Dodge Demon, so that 840hp muscle car should be getting a major power increase from this new piece as well.

Big Power from a Hellcat Tuning Expert
The first 4.7L Kenne Bell supercharger beta kit will be shipped to Tim Barth from Barth Tuning, who has tuned some of the most powerful and quickest Hellcat cars in the world. Tim will be applying the 4.7L Kenne Bell blower to a fully built Hellcat Hemi with the dual 106mm throttle bodies and the whole setup will be tuned to run on E90 alcohol. A fully built 8-speed automatic transmission from Paramount Performance will help to put the resulting power to the wheels and based on Barth’s post tonight announcing the new supercharger, there will soon be multiple Hellcat cars running the new 4.7L blower setup.

Once the team at Barth Tuning has a chance to work their magic and get the first car on the track, we can expect some incredible dyno numbers and track times to back up the monster power numbers quoted by Kenne Bell.