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Ken Block Teases Gymkhana Six (Video)

Ken Block has made quite a name for himself in the world of rally racing but the arrival of Gymkhana Six will surely be packed full of the awesome automotive action that has made Mr. Block so popular around the world – and today we have a brief teaser of Gymkhana Six.

This unfortunately short video begins by explaining that Ken Block’s goal for Gymkhana Six was to create the ultimate gymkhana grid course accompanied by a bunch of cutaway shots showing people preparing to build said course. After that, we are bombarded by a frenzy of titillating clips of Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Gymkhana car in action from a huge spread of different camera angles. We get to see the articulation of the suspension from under the car, a shot of Ken’s feet as they work their magic on the pedals, a clip of Ken in action from the dashboard view and a bunch of close-up exterior shots including one longer portion where we watch the Monster Energy Drink Fiesta doing a donut – giving us a great look at the action of the front wheel as Block keeps this 650+ horsepower rally car rotating around an axis. Of course, there is also plenty of great sound clips of the super powerful EcoBoost 4-cylinder screaming as Block destroys all four tires.

The bad news is that we only get to see about 14 seconds of Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta in action but the good news is that Gymkhana Six will hit the web on November 11th 2013…next Monday. Mondays suck but a Monday with a brand spanking new Ken Block Gymkhana video will practically feel like a Friday for those few fleeting moments of watching the man who created Gymkhana in action.

This teaser video is posted on the official Need for Speed YouTube channel and in the description; they refer to Ken Block as being the Need for Speed Racing Adviser. Block has been showing off pictures of his experiences with the Need for Speed team recently so Gymkhana Six could feature other vehicles than just the Monster Energy Ford Fiesta but no matter what cars it includes – Im sure that it is going to be awesome.

Below you will find the teaser for Ken Block’s Gymkhana Six followed by the full Gymkhana Five video. Gymkhana Five was remarkable because nearly all of the footage was shot on closed down public roads. Five was – and still is – a truly incredible exhibition of Block’s driving skills and due to the scope of the 5th chapter in the Gymkhana series being considered the best thus far – Gymkhana Six has some might big shoes to fill. I cannot wait…it’s gonna be awesome.