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Ken Block introduces a new Ford Fiesta multipurpose racer

The world of rally cross, stage rally and gymkhana racing have slowly shoved their way into the mainstream auto racing world and with the 2011 X Games just a few days away, Ken Block and the folks from the Monster World Rally Team have introduced the Ford Fiesta HFHV – or Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle.

If you aren’t familiar with the name Ken Block then you probably aren’t familiar with the sports of rally cross, stage rally and gymkhana but over the past few years, Ken Block has become the leading name in the world of rally-based racing as well as pioneering the gymkhana sport. Block made a name for himself racing in Subarus but last year he shifted from the Japanese automaker to Ford Motor Company – racing a variety of heavily modified Ford Fiesta and Focus models at events all around the world. Block has had a handful of different cars at his disposal for the different disciplines and needless to say, having to build different cars for the different races causes the cost of racing in multiple disciplines to skyrocket…that is where the Fiesta HFHV comes into play.

The folks at the Monster World Rally team started with the same Ford Fiesta RS world rally car (WRC) platform that Block has campaigned around the world over the past year and installed a 2.0L EcoBoost 4 cylinder capable of churning out 600 horsepower and 665lb-ft of torque – depending on the application. Simply by changing the wheels, tires, suspension setup, gearing and altering the engine tune for the ideal powerband for the given sport, Ken Block’s Fiesta HFHV can transform from a rally cross car to a stage rally car to a world class gymkhana car for the man who helped to invent the sport.

We could go into more detail on how Block and the Monster team convert the Fiesta RS WRC into a gymkhana and rally cross car but the designers of the car have put together a great video – showing the changes made in a variety of playful segments followed by footage of Block tearing up the different venues. So, without any more delay, check out the link below for a look at Ken Block’s new Fiesta that could allow him to dominate the rally cross, stage rally and gymkhana world’s with a single race car.

You can catch Ken Block and the rest of the Ford Racing team in action at the X Games 17 competition starting this Thursday. Click here for a look at the schedule from ESPN!

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