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The Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Turned Trackhawk Could Arrive for 2016

The have been rumors for a few months now that the SRT version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee could soon drop the “SRT” in favor of the new Jeep-specific package name Trackhawk and more rumors on the removal of the SRT name from the Jeep brand, I wonder if we will see the Trackhawk as soon as the 2016 model year.


Back in September, it was uncovered that the Chrysler Group had trademarked the name Trackhawk and at that time, it was speculated that this would be the name applied to the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT once the SRT name was removed. Those rumors have intensified and while we have already seen the 2015 Grand Cherokee SRT to know that it won’t be here for the 2015 model year – the Trackhawk could arrive before the end of the 2015 calendar year.

Something Needs to Replace he SRT Jeep
Chrysler management has made it clear that the SRT lineup is being converted back into a trimline of the Dodge brand, and in theory, that means no more Chrysler 300 SRT or Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT. I have already spoken with a Chrysler representative who confirmed that the SRT 300 would not be continuing on in the US, but there has really been no word on a 2015 model year SRT Jeep. It should be noted that the high performance Grand Cherokee has regularly been one of the SRT brand’s most popular models so I refuse to believe that the Chrysler Group would be killing it off.

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Regardless of the company’s intention of focusing their high performance efforts on the Dodge brand, the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has proven to be a popular enough model with a high enough price tag that Chrysler needs to keep it in the lineup. Mind you, it doesn’t need to be called an SRT…we just need to have a high performance Grand Cherokee on Jeep showroom floors.

Since the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT has already been introduced – even though it isn’t available on the Jeep or SRT websites – it seems unlikely that we will see the Trackhawk for the upcoming model year. However, with the SRT trimline already being removed from the North American Chrysler 300 lineup and the ongoing push to make SRT a Dodge-only affair, it seems likely that the Trackhawk could replace the SRT name for 2016.

Trackhawk Could Come in Multiple Trims
Early on, it was speculated that Trackhawk would be the name of the Hellcat powered version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, but newer reports indicate that Trackhawk could be used in place of the SRT name altogether. This means that what we know now as the Grand Cherokee SRT with the 392 cubic inch Hemi could become the Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, but this doesn’t signify the death of the Hellcat Jeep dream. The Hellcat is an engine name, so there is no reason why Chrysler couldn’t fit the supercharged 6.2L Hemi in the 2016 Grand Cherokee and call it the Trackhawk Hellcat.

Regardless of the possibilities of a Hellcat Jeep, it is unlikely that the SRT name will continue to appear in the Trail Rated lineup beyond the 2015 model year so those folks eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Jeep Trackhawk could get their wish as early as this time next year.

Here’s hoping.

The image above is courtesy of TopSpeed and their amazingly skilled artists, showing what they believe a Hellcat powered Grand Cherokee might look like on the road.