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GM UAW workers could get $3,000+ in profit sharing bonuses

Things have been looking up for General Motors since climbing out of a deep financial hole and to show their appreciation to the people building their vehicles, they may pay over $3,000 to GM’s Union Auto Workers.


The actual amount should be revealed to UAW officials on February 14th with a preliminary amount with the final amount being explained to the workers receiving those payments in the future, but no date has been set for the final payment announcement. UAW Vice President Joe Ashton, who is responsible for labor relations with General Motors, has been quoted as claiming that the bonus for 2010 could top the highest profit sharing bonuses to date - $1,775 paid out in 1999.

In addition to the profit margins contractually required by the UAW, General Motors could improve the bonuses by tacking on incentive pay but that is still up in the air. Between the bonus included in the UAW-GM contract and added value from non-required incentive pay, sources from Bloomberg believe that the dollar value could climb up and over the $3,000 plateau. It should be pointed out that when most sources (including TorqueNews) discuss these bonus values, the amount mentioned is an average across the workforce – meaning some workers will receive less and some will receive more.

A range of $1,775 and $3,000 would put General Motors between Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Group as far as the profit sharing bonuses paid to hourly UAW workers. Last month, Ford announced that they would be paying an average of $5,000 to each of their employees but it should be pointed out that Ford has had a much better go of things over the past few years. Chrysler did not show a profit for 2010 and they were not contractually obligated to pay their factory workers a bonus but the Chrysler Group ponied-up $750 for each worker for their efforts in 2010.

TorqueNews will bring you more coverage of this subject, as the actual dollar value of General Motors’ UAW profit sharing bonus becomes available.

Source: The Detroit News, Bloomberg

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Frank Sherosky    February 8, 2011 - 7:16PM

There should be no bonuses for any GM or Chrysler auto worker, union or salary, until ALL the government money is paid back. Apply the same standard of sacrifice that the retirees have had to endure, in addition to $5K annual medical deductibles and dropped coverage.