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This Ford Mustang Inspired Xbox One has Me Hoping

Xbox France is giving away the awesome Ford Mustang inspired Xbox One console shown in the image above and the video below to one lucky gamer in conjunction with the launch of Forza Horizon 3, and as an avid Forza gamer – I am very jealous that we don’t have the opportunity to win something like this here in the US market.

Forza Horizon 3 is the newest open-world racing game for Xbox One and I have been playing (and loving) the early release Ultimate Edition since last week. The basic version of the game went on sale today and to celebrate the launch in Europe, Xbox France is giving away an Xbox One S console with a copy of Forza Horizon 3, but they aren’t giving away just any Xbox One console – they are giving away a console with a custom box, designed after the look of the first generation Ford Mustang.

Frankly, as someone who is very active in the Xbox gaming community – particularly with regards to the Forza games – I am jealous that we don’t have a chance to buy consoles themed after specific performance cars. I don’t have to think twice about saying that this is, without a doubt, the coolest Xbox One console that I have ever seen and while the Ford Mustang wouldn’t be my first choice, I would absolutely buy a muscle car shaped Xbox One Console.

Ford Mustang Xbox One Console
The video below shows the uniquely designed Xbox One console being given away in France and while they don’t specifically call it a Ford Mustang Xbox One – there is no question that this is a 1st generation Mustang. It has the headlights, the grille, the bumper and the same basic hood shape, but no Ford or Mustang badges. The proportions might not be identical to the real 1st gen Mustang, but it is a great depiction in the form of an Xbox One console. It even had headlights that light up, in addition to all of the vital features of every Xbox One box.

This Ford Mustang Xbox One is being given away by Xbox France via their social media networks and it is unclear whether folks in other markets are eligible to win, but I would guess that the winner has to be from Europe – if not specifically from France.

This Mustang Xbox Could be a Gauge
I am hoping that the Ford Mustang Xbox One console being given away in France is being used by Microsoft and Ford Motor Company to gauge the interest of consumers in a vehicle-themed console design. Xbox Germany is giving away an Xbox One console inspired by the Audi R8, so perhaps the gaming company is looking at designing more of these, provided that the interest is high enough.

While I would prefer one shaped like a Hellcat Challenger, I would buy up a Ford Mustang Xbox One console in a heartbeat.

In fact, when Microsoft rolled out the Ford GT-inspired Xbox One console with Forza Motorsport 6, I bought one of those even though I already had a new Xbox One. That console has a unique paint job and uniquely decorated controllers, along with an engine rev sound on start-up. I am very happy with my Ford GT Xbox One, but I am sure that I am not the only gamer who would buy another console which wears the shape of a classic muscle car. Considering the popularity of the Ford GT Xbox One console and the amount of interest in the Audi and Mustang contests, hopefully Microsoft will look to sell similar consoles in the future.

Check out the video below showing the Ford Mustang Xbox One and if you are an Xbox gamer here in the US, prepare to be jealous.


Mary Dukesgentry (not verified)    September 28, 2016 - 1:47AM

I now own the 2015 Ford mustang since 2002 I been driving mustang 5.0 love my mustang.

Michael See (not verified)    September 28, 2016 - 2:52PM

If you really like the Xbox idea – you should do your own. Using a 3-D printer and Fords 3-D STL Mustang files – you can print out your own custom cover. Then you slide your current Xbox into the “cover”. The cover can be painted and the stripes are Vinyl that you can stick on yourself. You can order small Mustang emblems to stick on the controllers.

For has STL files for several models.